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Saint Angie

by Chexy on September 11, 2012

Looking angelic in her role as UN Ambassador, Angelina Jolie appeared at a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan today, in a plea for world action on the human crisis as thousands leave the bloodshed and turmoil in Syria.

Jolie told of those who are escaping “with just the shirts on their backs,” leaving their entire lives behind.

Here are some recent stats:

Revolution Statistics
Syrians killed: 23,347
Children killed: 1,800
Females killed: 1,795
Soldiers killed: 1,765
Protestors killed under torture: 856
Missing: +65,000
Protestors currently incarcerated: +216,000
Syrian refugees since March: +127,337
Refugees in Turkey: +44,038
Refugees in Lebanon: +34,096
Refugees in Jordan: +38,883
Refugees in Iraq: +10,794


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Sharon Needles Day in Pittsburgh

by Chexy on June 13, 2012

Sharon Needles spoke outside of City Hall in Pittsburgh yesterday, where the council proclaimed it Sharon Needles Day in the city. “There’s a rhinestone in my crown for every one of you.”

Ya gotta love this dame.


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Friday Face: Paul Lynde

by Chexy on June 8, 2012

Paul Lynde was born June 13, 1926 in Mount Vernon, Ohio. In recognition of his birthday, and Gay Pride month, Paul is today’s Friday Face.

For most gay men of a certain age (like you, Kevin), Paul Lynde was the first image of a gay man they ever saw on television. Whether it was his snarky comments on “Hollywood Squares” or his hilarious turn as Uncle Arthur on “Bewitched,” he was one of the few gay types on the tube being… well, gay.

On “Hollywood Squares” he was once asked, “Why do Hell’s Angels wear leather?” His answer: “Taffeta wrinkles.”

An obese child, he made his way through high school as class clown. Later a graduate of Northwestern University, where his friends included Cloris Leachman and Charlotte Rae.

His big break came when he made it into the Broadway show “New Faces of 1952,” cast alongside another “Bewitched” alum-to-be, Alice Ghostley, and a little-known singer named Eartha Kitt. Paul shed a hundred pounds.

In 1960, director Gower Champion hired him for the Broadway production of “Bye, Bye Birdie,” which featured the hit song, “Kids.” It ran for three years. He was also cast in the film. He drank too much.

In 1965, a young actor, Bing Davidson, said to be his lover, fell to his death from the 8th story window of their Drake Hotel room in SFO. Somehow, the event was kept out of the press and did not affect Paul’s career. Perhaps it was because the accident was witnessed by two cops.

Paul guest-starred on dozens of sitcoms and variety shows. In 1972, he had his own sitcom, “The Paul Lynde Show,” which ran for just one season.

Paul never officially “came out” as gay. He didn’t have to. It just wasn’t done in “those days.” It was what’s called “an open secret.” In 1976, he made the cover of People. It was not an “I’m Gay” issue.

Nice shirt.

He bought Errol Flynn’s old house in Hollywood, later selling it for a home in Beverly Hills.

Lynde was arrested in 1978 outside of a gay bar in Salt Lake City while working on “The Donny and Marie Show.” He still drank a lot and was nasty when he did. He had a drunk driving arrest. He got sober and drug-free in 1981.

Paul was found dead at age 55 in his Beverly Hills home on January 11, 1982. Heart attack. He is buried next to his brother and sister in Amity, Ohio.

Seth McFarlane, creator of “American Dad,” says that Roger the Alien was modeled after Lynde.

For his fabulousness, guts, and for being himself, the beloved Paul Lynde is today’s Friday Face.


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May 1, 1967

by Chexy on May 1, 2012

Forty-five years ago today, Elvis Presley wed Priscilla Ann Wagner, who was just 20, Elvis was 32.

Let’s take a moment to catch up with Priscilla, shall we?

ty Gina


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When You Wish Upon a Star

by Chexy on April 13, 2012

Sometimes dreams really do come true! That handsome man (right) is Boy Culture blogger, Pop Star founder and Encyclopedia Madonnica author Matthew Rettenmund, seen last night with his idol, some woman from Detroit. Madonna!

Matt has been a great friend to your Chexy, linking my stories and being a swell pal and advisor. He has also tormented me at autograph shows while he gets his celebrity “pic withs” and autographs while I take photos like the one above… well, not quite like THAT one. I get to do ones like… Lainie Kazan, which I prefer.

After following and chronicling Madonna’s every move for many years, the opportunity for a photo with her was finally arranged for the internet sweetheart. And he must have heard me saying, “Move back a little, Matt,” because the pic is terrific. Read the story here.

photo by Kevin Mazur


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To Have and Have Not

by Chexy on April 12, 2012

Lauren Bacall, then and now.


Inspired by PDN


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Heroes, Right and Left: A Sampling

by Chexy on March 12, 2012

Heroes of the Right: Moronic Teabagger Sarah Palin, Very Dead Republican Barry Goldwater, Gun Enthusiast Charlton Heston, Gunshot Victim Ronald Reagan, Imbecile Real Estate Scion Donald Trump, Freshly Dead Hater Andrew Breitbart, Undead VP Dick Cheney, Radio Blowhard Rush Limbaugh, Political Third Wife Callista Gingrich.

Heroes of the Left: Democrat Playboys the Kennedy Brothers, Social Change Singer Bob Dylan, Cable Cutup Jon Stewart, Seat Defender Rosa Parks, American Wit Stephen Colbert, Hero President Barack Obama, Gay Rights Defender Ellen DeGeneres, Depression Stopper FDR, Political Great Rep. Barney Frank.

Just a little sampling for ya.


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Ellen’s Credo

by Chexy on February 9, 2012

“I usually don’t talk about stuff like this on my show, but I really want to thank everyone who’s supporting me. And if you don’t know me very well, if you’re just watching maybe for the first time, or you’re just getting to know me, I wanna be clear — and here are the values that I stand for: I stand for honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated, and helping those in need. To me, those are traditional values. That’s what I stand for. “

–Ellen DeGeneres in response to haters.


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Chexy’s Saturday Matinee

by Chexy on February 4, 2012

God bless Rosa Parks, born on this day in 1913. One person can change the world.

For the Sephardim.

Miller and Lyles.

Billie at Carnegie Hall…


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An Open Letter to The Pope

by Chexy on January 10, 2012

Dear Holy Father,

It’s not looking good for you. You’re 84, you’re THE POPE, and you haven’t yet learned what Jesus taught. I expect a little better from someone who had the sense to get the heck out of the Hitler Youth.

Let me make it simple for you, Your Holiness. Gay marriage is not a threat to the family. Snooki is a threat to the family. Kim Kardashian is a threat to the family. Trans fats, high fructose corn syrup and Newt Gingrich are a threat to the family. Faygelehs? Only a threat to bad decor… and not all of them.

Since I have your attention, you might want to talk to your tailor about updating your look. Those glittery robes and pointy hats are so 2nd century.

There are only half a million gay marriages in the US. There are 76 million American Express cardholders. I’d be concerned about that.

When you look at all the things that ail mankind (and I don’t mean Catholicism), the persecution of the legal coupling of people who would like to have privileges that they pay for others to have, and calling it a threat to the familly, seems a bit like saying that dinner mints are a threat to civilization. Okay, maybe the ones with jelly in them.

I’ll try to say it like Jesus did, or better yet, I’ll let Him say it:

I give you a new commandment:
Love one another;
just as I have loved you,
you also must love one another. (John 13:34)

Thanks for staying awake to read this.


Your Chexy

P.S. LOVE love luuuuuv the red shoes!

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