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Jen & Jerry

by Chexy on October 9, 2012

Sitcom star and engaged divorcee Jennifer Aniston as she appeared recently, and convicted Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky as he appeared today at his sentencing.

Both want children.

ht Bri P.

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The Duchess Puts the Ill in Camilla

by Chexy on October 2, 2012

Oh, will the bad news never end today? The Duchess of Cornwall is sick, sick I tell you!

I began to wonder why there were no new photos of Camilla, and after snooping around the UK web, it turns out that Camilla has cancelled various engagements this week due to a severe ear infection and sinusitis, according to a release from Clarence House.

Cam was to appear at Royal Albert Hall tonight for the Classical Brit Awards, and at a series of London events on Wednesday, but she will miss them all. And all will miss her! Well, almost all.

Apparently, Cam is resting in Scotland, where she has spent the summer with Prince Chuck.

Camilla and Chuck have a trip scheduled for Australia in early November… I hope this doesn’t change their plans.

Get well soon, Camilla!


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59 Years Ago Today

by Chexy on September 12, 2012

Jacqueline Bouvier wed Senator John F. Kennedy on this day in 1953, as commemorated in this stunning set from The Franklin Mint, for sale on eBay for $149.

Here’s the real article…

They were married just over ten years. They are resting together in front of the eternal flame Jackie insisted on… at Arlington National Cemetery.

for Gina


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John Travolta and His Hair for Breitling

by Chexy on August 1, 2012

“When you absolutely can’t be late for your next appointment with a masseur… Breitling Watches.”

This was the scene Monday in Singapore, where John Travolta slapped on his Wooly Willy toupee, a coat of Joe Blasco Alabaster makeup, and a faux wedding ring to sell the chunky timepiece.

Many masseurs have come forward to say they’ve seen Travolta’s Willy.


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Oh, the Humanity

by Chexy on July 20, 2012

Yesterday, Sarah Palin posted the below photo on her Facebook page saying, “Some common sense…”


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Friday Face: Natalie Wood

by Chexy on July 20, 2012

Movie star Natalie Wood was born on this day in 1938, so she’s today’s Friday Face.

Her bruised and battered body was found off Catalina Island, November 29, 1981.

This month, the cause of her death was changed from “accident” to “undetermined.”

Here’s Natalie in 1974, pregnant, talking about how she got the part of Judy in “Rebel Without a Cause.”


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Nothing to Watch

by Chexy on July 12, 2012

Back in the early 1970s, Elvis Presley shot his television set (see above). After perusing last night’s television listings, I had the same inclination. I’ve been thinking of giving up my cable, and this puts me one step closer. Here’s a sampling of what my choices were at 8:00 last night…

CBS was offering “Dogs in the City,” a new show about an animal shelter. This seems about as inviting as an actual visit to an animal shelter.

NBC had a repeat of the Betty White show in which she makes fun of young people who don’t expect old people to top their game. This is like “Candid Camera” with Depends, and has all the charm of a visit with grandma at the convalescent hospital.

PBS had something about reptiles and aliens, called “Primeval.” If it’s science fiction, or reptiles, you can be sure I won’t watch. Nobody likes snakes… except for people who have tattoos and unusual piercings.

FOX had “So You Think You Can Dance.” So you think you can watch it? I can’t.

The WB or whatever that is offered “Burn Notice,” which featured a “tactical assault team descending on Miami.” If it has anything to do with Florida, it’s unwatchable. Period.

I skipped over QVC’s kitchen sale items and the Korean Prime Time Local News, and the ESPY Awards, I mean, who cares? I’m not going to watch “Real Housewives of Orange County” on Bravo because I value my remaining brain cells.

FOX News had an O’Reilly repeat, as if it weren’t revolting enough on the first viewing.

TBS had back-to-back “Family Guy” repeats; watching them is nearly as depressing as back-to-back episodes of “Hoarders.”

Weather Channel had the oh-so-tempting “Coast Guard Alaska.” I’m queasy just thinking about it.

TNT offers “The Mentalist,” which I can’t envision myself watching, ever.

Lifetime has a lurid repeat of “Wife Swap,” which is nearly as alluring as watching some Brit yell for an hour on “Restaurant: Impossible.” How annoying is that bastard?

Speaking of bastards… E! offers more horror with “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” which I assume is the most popular show being broadcast at the moment, which in turn causes me to assume that culture is dead, buried and forgotten… and after watching for exactly two minutes, I wish that the Kardashians were as well.

It is only the Kardashians that can make repeats of  “Storage Wars,” “Toddlers & Tiaras” and “Pawn Stars” seem appealing.



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Contract Expired?

by Chexy on June 29, 2012

And just like that, another Hollywood romance bites the Scientolodust.

Katie Holmes, the poor robotic thing, has awakened from her five-year trance, and filed for divorce from the tiny cultist, reports People mag.

No word yet on what Suri will wear to court for the custody hearing.


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Real Gone Places: The Beachcomber

by Chexy on June 20, 2012

The beautiful Beachcomber Restaurant at 447 Mandalay Avenue in Clearwater, Florida as it appeared in the 1940s, and below, in a later incarnation as Heilman’s Beachcomber, circa 1959.

And below as it appears today…

The remodeled…  Heilman’s Beachcomber! Open 365 days a year!

Just sorta gone.


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Know Your Water Safety!

by Chexy on June 18, 2012

As we approach the summer, don’t become another unfortunate statistic. Practice water safety!

Don’t swim alone. Make sure you know where you’re driving, and don’t drink and go boating.

(from left to right) Kennedy campaign worker Mary Jo Kopechne (drowned in a car accident), Beach Boy Dennis Wilson met his maker while diving in shallow waters, Nazi doc with a twin fetish Josef Mengele drowned while swimming near Brazil, but that was a good thing.

(row 2) “McCale’s Navy” kvetch Joe Flynn went swimming with a leg cast, LAPD beating victim Rodney King partied and swam, Johnny Carson sidekick Carol Wayne drowned while swimming in Mexico.

(row 3) Newslady Jessica Savitch drowned in a canal after a drunk driving accident, movie star Natalie Wood went overboard, Titanic cruiser John Jacob Astor IV went down with the ship.

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