Aesthetic Dome Home in Warm Orange Exterior and Natural Environment

One of unique home design in the world is the dome home. This home has round and curvy design that looks like a ball. The design is different compared to the common house which has straight wall for its construction. Now, we have the curvy house addressed in Thailand. Designer of this building is Hajjar Gibran. Steve Areen also participate in creating this picturesque house. This house has contemporary decoration with the combination of natural atmosphere in the price of $9000! Be ready, because we are going to the tour.

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Wall exterior of this dome home design is built in orange color showed the warm ambiance. Base construction of this quirky residence is created from the brick made of the clay and cement block. The environment is still quiet and green. Many bushes, trees, and other greenery are surrounded the house. Mango trees are also grown at the courtyard of this house. This house has top terrace constructed from wood materials. This terrace can be accessed through the stepping stone mounted on the house wall. From this top angle we can enjoy the natural view.

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A pond is also built at the back courtyard of the house framed by using the stone decorations. We have to see its interior too! Interior is designed in natural concept which is so relaxing. Almost every house appliance has natural touch. For example is the washbasin created from the bamboo pipeline and wood board. The kitchen is so space saving because there is small single stove that can be set whenever we need.

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Windows are designed to be in round frame. On this windows, residents can also lay there to see the outdoor environment. Plant pots are decorative stuff that plays a big role in this house. At the corner of the house interior, there are many plant accessories. This strengthen the fresh ambiance within the house. In this dome home interior design, naturalness makes you feel a special treatment for the mind and soul.

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