Amazing Rooftop Garden Design: Inspirational Tricks for Small Lots

If you only have a small space for your house, employing a rooftop garden design would be the perfect solution to invite natural impression upon your house. Some people might want to have their own private garden, however, their willingness is limited by the availability of space. To resolve such problem, many architects have proposed the ideas of having a roof garden. We are going to take a look at the proposal made by Amir Schlezinger which has created My Landscapes Garden Design.

The most important thing in a garden is to have plants. But how to arrange the plants to form a beautiful landscape is another matter. This rooftop garden design ideas show you that the plants could be utilized as a fence too. It would provide privacy on your personal garden. The decorative plants are best placed on top of a half fence. It would also be wise if you employ other larger plants. It is your own choice to place it inside a pot or on the provided soil.

For floor choice, you can opt for a ceramic tile or hardwood flooring. Both types of materials are easy to clean. Employing glass tile would also be perfect. You can put a water feature under the glass, creating a floating impression when you step on it. Alternatively, you can pick artificial grass to cover the surface. It would be much of your benefit since that kind of grass does not need regular trim.

In terms of seating area, you can actually have your outdoor living and outdoor dining. It depends on your needs. If your space is large enough, employing both would be great. But if you only have limited space, you can either pick one them or combining it into one. Placing a round table surrounded by armchairs would be one of the solutions. These small roof garden design ideas would also be pretty with the presence of floor lamp.

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