Artistic Modern Home Design: Applying Mural Decorations on Your Wall

Have you ever thought of painting mural on your modern home design? Lately, mural gets very identical to urban housing. However, the house made by I AM HOME has shown you that the art of wall painting can be employed almost anywhere, including inside a contemporary home. Other than the mural, the house also employs modern painting and head statue which is placed on its activity room. The tiny house is located in Russia, it belongs to a small family.

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It’s better if we start from the house’s living room. Its floor emphasized modern urban accent with unfurnished surface. The grey hue can also be found in the furniture employed inside the room. It has a comfortable couch and lounge chairs. Additionally, we can also find a dark grey carpet placed under the seating area in this modern home interior design. On the corner of the room, there is a wall integrated cabinet. It is made out of plywood.

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The house itself sits on a very narrow lot, therefore it collaborates the kitchen and dining. The dining room wall is covered by ceramic tile presenting geometric pattern. Above the dining table we can find a unique chandelier which has solar system form. It depicts the planet which goes around the sun. The dining set itself, however, comprises of a round table and three armchairs with blue color. It is also supported with natural light coming from the transparent glass windows as covered by transparent and opaque two layered curtain.

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The main bedroom utilizes hardwood flooring. The floor is then covered by blue carpet in order to give warmth towards the households. It also has rustic wall design. One part of it, however, has unpainted brick structure. If we take a look closer, we would be able to find a painting of horse. In terms of lighting, the master bedroom is supported with modern chandelier and hanging lamps. This modern home interior design ideas is also supported with long curtain.

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