Astonishing Black and White Furniture Creating Monochrome Interior

It is a paradise of black and white furniture as the brainchild of Tamizo, a Polish designer firm. The two-contrast color enlivens the monochromatic scheme for this minimalist house interior design. A tall tube pillar that connects the floor and the ceiling cascades down forming a solid dark L-shaped sofa. It embosses the elegant seat design in the sitting space. Two small round tables come to be reinforcement for this dark hue accent.

White hue is the dominant color to cover the wall in this living room. Black wall unit breaks the bright realm and reduces the brilliant domination. Moving aside to the dining space, simple but fashionable dining furniture presents a spotless white arrangement, which is originally the extension of a modern kitchen unit. Look down on the underfoot ground, a nice paving of herringbone pattern provides magnificent flooring to sustain this black and white living room furniture in matter color.

Exploring further into the other functional room, the bathing zone serves the eyes with a completely white sight. Sharp lining interior employs the up to date toilet, bathtub, and shower styles. It has the gray wall cladding that diminishes the white invasion. The presence strengthens the world of monochrome scheme. Getting out from this bathing zone, on the hallway up, a swivel in black seems to lose its company. It is alone in the snowy view surrounding.

Stepping upstairs, the heaven of black and white scene grants the eyes with another remarkable sitting room. Spotlights act as pendant lamps shining upon the black round table. On the corner, L-shaped sofa has the other spotlight behaving like a floor lamp, which lends its stuffy body mating with the dark colored seat. This house is a perfect example carrying modern black and white living room furniture that is so fashionable and charming.

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