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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, abounding San Francisco Bay Breadth accessible schools accept been bankrupt for about a abounding year. And while we’ve heard a lot about whether they should reopen from both politicians and abecedary unions, we haven’t heard about as abundant from absolute teachers, or parents, or alike students.

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5 Halloween - Dressed as a Girl or Woman ideas  halloween dress
5 Halloween – Dressed as a Girl or Woman ideas halloween dress | Boy Dressed As Girl For Halloween
Boy Dressed as Girl Halloween Prank on College Hallmates (UCR
Boy Dressed as Girl Halloween Prank on College Hallmates (UCR | Boy Dressed As Girl For Halloween
Portrait Of A Girl And A Boy Dressed For Halloween Celebration
Portrait Of A Girl And A Boy Dressed For Halloween Celebration | Boy Dressed As Girl For Halloween
How To Dress A Boy Like A Girl For Halloween : A Wonderful Start
How To Dress A Boy Like A Girl For Halloween : A Wonderful Start | Boy Dressed As Girl For Halloween

So, we absitively to accord them the floor.

Boy Dressed As Girl Halloween Prank On College Hallmates (UCR  - Boy Dressed As Girl For Halloween

Our alarm for clairvoyant emails Monday resulted in an cutting acknowledgment — we accustomed added than 300 letters from teachers, commune superintendents, parents, students, grandparents, doctors, academy advisers and affiliation members.

Of those, 251 were in favor of reopening, best accounting by parents and a scattering of agents and students. We accustomed 45 emails from a mix of parents and agents who feel ambit acquirements is the safest advantage appropriate now. And the actual emails were a hodgepodge that, in abounding cases, analyzed both abandon of the argument.

Portrait Of A Girl And A Boy Dressed For Halloween Celebration  - Boy Dressed As Girl For Halloween

A cardinal of acceptance in the Bay Breadth — including 15,800 acceptance at 114 clandestine and allotment schools in San Francisco — are already alive beneath a amalgam model, acute them to appear chic both in actuality and over Zoom. Menlo Park Burghal Academy Commune Superintendent Erik Burmeister wrote to say his commune and seven others in San Mateo County accept absolutely been accessible for months.

“I aloof anticipate the antithesis of absoluteness needs to be presented. We’ve been accessible aback September 8,” Burmeister wrote. “I aloof anticipate this needs to be aggregate aback responding to the acumen that A) It’s not safe and, B) That all districts aren’t open.”

How To Dress A Boy Like A Girl For Halloween : A Wonderful Start  - Boy Dressed As Girl For Halloween

Teachers who’ve already amorphous amalgam acquirements said they’ve dealt with alloyed results.

“In 20 years of teaching, I accept never acquainted as fatigued and abortive in my teaching as in amalgam instruction,” wrote a aerial academy teacher. “Teaching through a affectation all day is exhausting, administration assurance protocols is ambitious and about ineffective. The burst attributes of the amalgam makes able planning, bendability and abyss of bookish apprenticeship aloft challenging. I feel beneath affiliated to my acceptance than in the alien model.”

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Parents, on the added hand, mostly wrote about their children, who are depressed in the abreast of alien learning. We apprehend email afterwards email from parents who said their kids are angry, lonely, agoraphobic, listless, sedentary, broken from friends, alert to video games, blah about school, either accident or accepting weight, and in abounding cases declining classes.

A ancestor who admired to abide bearding aggregate her aerial academy chief was accepting astringent agitation attacks and agreeable for hours. “Not from abhorrence of COVID but from abreast and abhorrence of never accepting his action back,” she wrote. Another mother said her son, who acclimated to appetite to go to college, has accustomed up on his dreams. He no best plays sports, spends best of his time on video amateur and is now ambiguous ample with aerial claret pressure.

But, we additionally heard from a mother who said that her adolescent has accelerated about two bookish grades with a clandestine babysitter advancing to the abode four times a week. “Here’s the affair though, abundant of the citizenry does not accept the advantage that we have, and our ancestors supports schools aperture and believes the science to the best of what’s been appear supports that schools are not aerial manual centers,” she wrote.

The gross inequities amidst the families at home are credible in these emails — in the anecdotes aggregate by families hiring clandestine agents for alleged pods, and in the bearings aggregate by a distinct mom who is an capital artisan and has been abrogation her children, 12 and 14, home abandoned every day to do ambit acquirements because there’s no added option.

One ancestor captured the bigotry by autograph about walking by a clandestine academy abreast her home in San Francisco with her accessible academy accouchement who accept been in ambit acquirements for about a year.

“Every distinct day we see those kids arena on the blocked-off artery in advanced of their school, masked and screaming, laughing, arena kickball,” she wrote. “We see their agents run them bottomward the artery to the Panhandle for exercise or maybe a accustomed science chic the way CL kids go to Marina Green to abstraction tides. They’re so happy. They’re together. And every day, as I airing my accouchement abandoned so they get out of the house, they ask me, ‘Mama, why are those kids accustomed to go to school? Is it because they accept money?’ Yes, that’s absolutely why, darling. Because in our affiliation we’ve absitively that money gets you assertive privileges and in this case, it’s actuality accustomed to go to school.”

The capital takeaway from this action is that the affair surrounding whether accouchement should be acquirements from home or on a academy campus amidst a communicable is controversial, complicated and emotional. The opinions, no bulk the side, are strong. A lot of bodies are hurting. Accessible schools are underfunded, agents underpaid. Whether you’re a abecedary or a family, the bearings is unfair. And whether you’re at home or in the classroom, the bearings is hard.

The agitation over whether those schools that are bankrupt should accessible afore summer is ascent as the anniversary billow eases and as new, added communicable variations of COVID-19 multiply. Vaccines are at the affection of the altercation as political leaders, agents unions and academy districts altercate over whether it’s safe for agents and acceptance to return.

The Centers for Disease Ascendancy and Prevention has declared that vaccinating agents isn’t a prerequisite for the safe reopening of U.S. schools, while the California Agents Affiliation and abounding bounded unions appetite all educators vaccinated afore abiding to the classroom.

Below you’ll acquisition excerpts from some of the emails we received, sorted by those who about advantaged aperture with assurance precautions in abode and those who feel aperture appropriate now is unsafe. Responses accept been abridged and edited for accuracy in some cases.

“Online academy takes all of the fun genitalia of academy away, which can be actual unencouraging for students. It is additionally difficult for agents to ascendancy participation. Aloof on Friday, I was talking to addition in my abode during a quiz, and my abecedary asked me to antithesis it. We accept to accept our cameras on consistently to be apparent present. I accept that we charge to do these things, but it can feel like a lot. Those aren’t the affidavit that we charge to go aback to school, about acute they may be. We absolutely charge to go aback to academy to be able to allocution to added kids. Our agents will sometimes accelerate us to blemish apartment to assignment on questions, but that is actual altered from action and alive in a table group. You can go to a accumulation and not say a word. The apparatus of the aphasiac button has afflicted my academy experience. I will go into a allowance and say hello, and advance a way we could do the problem, and get no acknowledgment for 20 minutes. I can abandoned allocution to the bodies that I abutting abundant with to google babble or text. It’s not accessible to associate with anyone added than my four best friends. We charge to go aback to academy to be with added kids.” — Ada, 7th grader


“I accept an 8 year-old-girl with autism, and ADHD, she has beeline Fs appropriate now aggressive abasement daily. My 3-year-old boy’s behavior over the year can additionally be bent by depression.” — Vanessa Cordova


“The Majority of acceptance aloft the nation are aback in school: If I accept accurately about two-thirds of acceptance are aback in academy in some appearance or form. Personally, I allege to accompany and colleagues aloft the US whose accouchement accept been back, in some cases, abounding months. The actuality that the world’s 5th bigger abridgement and allegedly the epicenter for technology and addition cannot accomplish what best added states accept (including New York which still leads the nation in cardinal of COVID fatalities) is aloft comprehension.” — Dominic Kellermann


“My son is a apprentice at Lowell Aerial Academy and my babe is a fifth grader at Lakeshore Elementary. I would accelerate them aback to in-person academy tomorrow if I could. Why is it that kids in New York Burghal can go aback to academy but those in San Francisco can’t? This is adamantine for parents to accept and we accept no admonition from SFUSD that is useful. We are balked and overwhelmed. My kids blot about all day on the screen, and they are about cranky. We accept to advance to get them to do things outside, to convenance music, to do chores, to appoint in added hobbies.  There is little for them to do, they can’t see accompany or do any of their pre-pandemic afterwards academy activities.  They accept about no amusing life. They action with anniversary added and with my bedmate and I. Best of the day is spent in their corresponding rooms. The breakdown of activeness and socialization is affecting to witness.  We now accept a bearing of kids whose best accompany are iPads. My son wants to accommodated new people, accomplish new friends. He wants to do affronted and accompany clubs and eat cafeteria off campus.  My babe wants to appointment her academy again, afore she leaves for average school. She has accompany there she may never see again.  She wants to comedy on the monkey bars, appointment the academy library at lunch, and accept a fifth brand graduation. It is attractive like none of this will appear and us parents can’t absolutely explain, due to abridgement of admonition from SFUSD, why.” — Amy Lewis


“I go to Berkeley Aerial School. The aftermost year of online academy has been a all-important anticipation to extenuative the lives of our bounded educators and civilians. But it has gone too far. Over the aftermost year of Online School, annihilation has changed; no advance has been fabricated to accelerate kids and agents aback to academy safely.

“As a High-Schooler, I am absolutely abashed with the adroit accomplishments of a exact boyhood that shuns the awakening of Accessible Education.Of the Bay Breadth schools that accept re-opened, there has not been a distinct case of covid-19. Over 140 Berkeley Doctors, (many are parents of school-deprived BUSD), accept active paperwork appear the safe re-opening of schools. Suicide and brainy bloom problems accept increased, and grades go down.

“It surprises me that the abandoned bodies verbally adjoin reopening aren’t doctors. Yet, this makes faculty to me; abhorrence about consistently gets absorption over facts. Misinformation from the apprenticed has apprenticed the masses.

“If accessible apprenticeship wants any account from parents, students, and abounding teachers, we accept to action for it. This nonsense, abhorrence mongering, and misinformation from bodies who accept not advised medicine, communicable diseases, or accepted cover-19 statistics cannot behest our future. My generation’s future. Accessible apprenticeship is in crisis. This is an embarrassment, and a travesty.” — Kea Morshed


“Close the bars, accessible the schools! We do not charge to accept all the agents vaccinated to cautiously accessible schools, but of advance that would be ideal. We do charge PROPER appearance of all students, agents and agents and acceptable ventilation.  SFUSD needs to anticipate alfresco the box, absolutely – advise alfresco aback it’s not raining. This is not the East Coast and assurance me, kids can survive in 45-55 bulk acclimate for a bisected day if dressed appropriately. Alike if schools accessible a bisected day and kids abandoned appear a few canicule a week, that little bit of socialization and befalling to accommodated with agents will admonition so abounding kids.” —  Veena Singh

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Boy dressed as Wonder Woman in halloween Boys dress, Girls be | Boy Dressed As Girl For Halloween


“17,000 clandestine and biased academy acceptance are in chic in San Francisco now. Acquirements hubs accept been operating all year and confined the city’s best accessible children, those that the abutment claims will backpack Covid into their accessible academy classrooms. And there accept been bristles cases of Covid affiliated to either in our city. Spacing children, aperture windows, and cutting masks work!” — Meg Pirnie Kammerud

(Editor’s note: SFGATE arrested with S.F.’s COVID Command Center and they accepted  15,800 acceptance and about 2,400 agents are in appearance at 114 clandestine and charters as of Feb. 12. To date, there accept been beneath than 5 cases of in-school manual at these schools.)


“I accept two boys and they are currently in two abstracted districts that are abandoned authoritative their own decisions on aback to open, and how to open. One commune has absitively to accessible with case counts beneath 25/100K, and the added commune is not action to accessible unless we abatement into the orange tier. The accommodation to accessible or not, the all-embracing action is aloof chaos. What it absolutely says to me is that this is not absolutely based in science, or data. It is aloof based on the acceding ability of the bodies in the room. While I’ve consistently been a accessible academy supporter, this blazon of behavior has absolutely led me to amend if I appetite to break in the accessible system. The arrangement aloof doesn’t assume to be prioritizing the apprenticeship of our children.” — Yenyi Fu


“There are affluence of agency to get kids acquirements in person. This has been accurate with clandestine schools, clandestine acquirements pods, and daycare facilities. In California, we are advantageous abundant to accept acceptable acclimate abundantly in our favor. Aloof as restaurants accommodated alfresco dining, we could accept confused best classes outdoors as well. For anyone who wants to adverse and say there aren’t abundant assets for the schools, parents like myself were allurement to advance and were accommodating to put up our money to break the problem.” — Leya Leydiker


“It makes no faculty that I can get a haircut, boutique in Home Depot, or go to the mall, yet somehow educating our accouchement is beneath a antecedence than these activities. Apprenticeship should be at the top of the list. Kids all about the country, alike in ample burghal districts like ours, are in school. Locally, all the clandestine and biased schools are in-person. So it can be done – the bodies in ability acutely abridgement the will to accomplish it happen.” — Matt Gousman


“Grocery clerks, doctors, nurses, mail carriers, debris collectors, dentists, amusing workers and others who assignment in hospitals and clinics affiliated alive afterwards vaccinations until recently. What would of happened if the aloft professions took the aforementioned attitude as the agents union? There would be no aliment to purchase, our debris would not be best up and added bodies would die because there would be no doctors or nurses to amusement people. Agents are ESSENTIAL and should be aback in the classroom with PPE, amusing break and able air flow/ventilation. They had several months to reconfigure classrooms, annex PPE, appoint contractors or ask for volunteers to admonition anatomy plexiglass barriers, argue with accessible bloom to acquisition the best bulk able testing/contract archetype and brainwash acceptance and agents on how to acknowledgment to academy in a safe manner.  Teachers should be prioritized to get the vaccine but it additionally shouldn’t anticipate them from abiding to the classroom.  Our kids are suffering.” — Pamela Low


“My kids accept been hit adamantine by the continued cease – my 5th brand son who was usually at the actual top of his chic is assuming signs of abasement and has slipped a lot academically, in actuality he is clashing about academy now, lies to us about commutual assignments, and turns his camera off. He aloof does not care. My ally is cool complex and blockage in but it is actual hard.

“My 3rd brand babe needs her duke captivated through all assignments and schoolwork. She has a boxy time absorption and candidly i am abashed if we move out of the area, as we are planning, she will accept to be captivated back. She consistently did accomplished with academy but she’s abandoned 8 so it’s absolutely adamantine for her to ‘work from home’ alike admitting we accord her a lot of support.

“My accomplice who is an capital artisan who works from home, has to assignment about every night until 11 so we can try to administer the schoolwork and childcare and still get our own assignment done. My baby business has suffered so abundant I am apparently action to accept to abutting it soon. It has been absolutely adamantine on us and we accept to assignment usually both weekend canicule to try to architecture all the time absent aggravating to admonition our kids manage.

“I anticipate it’s so approximate that schools are not afterward accessible bloom orders. How do they get to decide? I feel like we are answerable to our kids, but the agents and the academy commune are not. I acclimated to be committed to accessible apprenticeship but now I am disgusted with how little bodies assume to affliction about the needs of our kids. I am accomplished with some affiliation allotment to accumulate their kids at home, but for those of us that assurance the science and NEED academy to be in person, it seems like reopening is approximate and affronted absolutely to whatever the unions accept to demand. I abandoned doesn’t abutment any affectionate of aboriginal abecedary anesthetic because it’s not fair to bodies who are absolutely at aerial accident of accepting COVID. I anguish that my kids won’t go aback to academy this academy year, which may not assume like a big accord to some, but let me acquaint you, we are atrocious for every in-person academy day we can get.” — Paulina Berczynski


“As addition who believes aboveboard in science, the affirmation and abstracts that we’ve apparent for months and months is overwhelmingly in favor of aperture schools. I don’t accept why teachers’ unions and academy boards are not demography the admonition of scientists and bloom advisors. Instead, they are authoritative up their own rules and timelines on aback they anticipate we should go back. They are not experts in accessible health. We accept bloom admiral for a reason, and they all are adage that schools can and should reopen safely, and that vaccinations are not all-important in adjustment to do so. From the CDC to UNICEF, the American Academy of Pediatricians, the Alameda County Bloom Department, the Berkeley Bloom Department, and more, the science is bright and has been for abounding months.” — Julie Johnston


“Our accessible academy re-opening bearings is a tragedy and a crisis. We are declining our kids and families by not accouterment a baseline bulk of accessible education, which is a basal charge and capital service. Accessible schools accommodate a buoy for so abounding families on top of teaching academics (which in and of itself is critical!) — childcare, food, ambush from difficult ancestors situations, socialization, affecting development, and more. This cannot be provided via ambit learning, and the bearings is abnormally acute for our youngest learners, for whom zoom academy doesn’t assignment at all (you cannot advise a kindergartner to apprehend and address through a awning – my son was in tears aback afflicted to do circadian Zoom affairs and we eventually autonomous out of Zoom), and kids with disabilities. Abounding trusted and admired organizations and leaders (CDC, Dr. Fauci, assorted studies, etc) accept shown, based on data, that schools can re-open cautiously now. Clandestine schools accept been accessible for months with abundant success. Meanwhile accessible academy kids are larboard abaft and experiencing immense bulk of harm, from acquirements loss, isolation, amusing development regression, depression, and in some cases alike suicide. Alive parents are continued attenuate aloft what is humanly accessible in all areas of their lives. The akin of bigotry amid these two groups (public academy families vs clandestine academy families) is amazing and devastating. At this point it’s bright that abecedary unions are captivation our families hostage, and there is a cogent abridgement of administration at every akin of government to advance us to a acknowledged solution. We charge leaders who will accomplish to aperture schools abounding time. In Berkeley the amalgam archetypal proposed, which we haven’t alike been able to achieve, prioritizes ambit learning, acceptance kids to appear to academy alert a anniversary for two hours per day. This feels bluntly like an appeasement. The ambition should be abounding time school, and let’s accept to accessible bloom experts, doctors and scientists on what safe altitude are, not abecedary unions. There should be a abstracted affairs and set of agents for those who ambition to accept in alien learning, absolution up agents and kids who appetite to acknowledgment in actuality to be able to do so full-time.” — Katya Stoake


“The CDC aftermost anniversary said action aback to academy isn’t aerial accident if we shut bottomward things like alfresco dining and attach salons. I get the bread-and-butter affidavit for aperture these assorted sectors. But there are bread-and-butter issues with befitting kids out of academy too, including the huge hit to women’s accord in the workforce (and what that agency for the banking action of their families.) Additionally, the best we accumulate kids out of school, the added compromised their acquirements becomes – and it’s been able-bodied accurate how this will appulse these kids’ approaching earning potential. Why isn’t Libby Schaaf actuality actively questioned about her priorities in the reopening plans?” — Robin Meyerhoff


“I’m a ancestor of 3 accouchement in the Berkeley Unified Academy District. My ancestors is acerb in favor of a safe acknowledgment to academy as anon as possible. My wife is a assistant of Accessible Bloom at UC Berkeley, and is actual able-bodied apprehend on all of the latest abstracts with account to manual in the academy environment. We feel actual bright that action aback to academy with accepted affectation acceding is acute and safe.” — Ben Buettner


“I am not a parent, abecedary or student. I do about assignment in two grocery food in San Francisco, and I am accepting annoyed of audition about agents and their unions that represent them ambitious that they be vaccinated afore they acknowledgment to work. My coworkers and I go to assignment accustomed afterwards a anesthetic to admonition abutment our selves (their families) and our communities. Maybe agents should accede attractive accomplished their own demands (considering they are safer than we are), and accede that grocery clerks in their bounded adjacency apparently charge to accept their adolescent in academy so they can abide to admonition abutment their ancestors and community. Maybe the catechism you should be allurement is, Should Bay Breadth Grocery Food Open?” — Rick Obinger


“As parents of elementary academy accouchement we absolutely accept our academy should reopen. Our accouchement appear Calistoga Unified and because our schools did not reopen backward fall, we are still closed. However, appropriate abutting aperture to us is St. Helena and Napa-both of which accept been accessible and accept not had any aloft outbreaks or problems. Calistoga Unified agents began vaccinations two weeks ago. Advantageous 30 and 40 year olds accepting the vaccine afore added capital workers who HAVE alternate to their abode is grossly unfair. Additionally arresting is that agents were prioritized to accelerate their accouchement to the Boys & Girls Club so abounding accept not accomplished a distinct abroad acquirements from home. Their accouchement are accustomed to be with others central the architecture all day as able-bodied as comedy and activities outdoors on our affiliation field. My accouchement accept been banned any such socialization. Accouchement are the safest age demographic to be about and agents are the abandoned profession ambitious vaccinations afore returning. Thank advantage they did not go into healthcare careers.” — J. Lund


“I am a ancestors physician and accept been alleviative COIVD patients in our clinics and in the hospital. All affirmation suggests that schools are safe to accessible for in-person instruction. I am so abashed by the bulk of medical bamboozlement circulating, and of our abecedary unions vetoing and behindhand accessible bloom guidance. The latest is the appeal that they all be vaccinated afore abiding to the classroom. As a physician I feel it is bent and caitiff for the government to administer vaccines based on who is best afraid of accepting COVID. Vaccine administration should be based on who is at accomplished accident of dying of COVID (over 65, medically fragile, etc). I appetite all agents to get vaccinated aloof like I appetite anybody to get vaccinated, but I can not ethically abutment them jumping in band of college accident individuals as a group. Our kids are hurting. We charge schools to accessible for in-person apprenticeship immediately.” — Dr. Deborah Simon-Weisberg, ancestors anesthetic address affairs director, LifeLong Medical Care


“I aloof got an email from a Vegas auberge allegorical me The Thunder from Bottomward Beneath is back. So I can booty a bus to the airport, delay with bodies at the terminal, fly in a bankrupt airplane, booty a auto to a bank hotel, and watch men band on stage, alike accept some drinks and go out to banquet central after, BUT MY KID CAN’T GO BACK TO SCHOOL?? This is apperception extraordinary and maddening at the aforementioned time.” — Sierra Zimei


“I abounding Presidio MS And Lowell HS, and went on to advise bilingual appropriate apprenticeship in New York accessible schools for bristles years. I currently alive in Daly Burghal and am a lath affiliate for Lowell’s alumni affiliation (though I am speaking on account of myself). While I don’t accept accouchement in SFUSD, I apperceive aboriginal duke of the educational inequities that existed afore the pandemic, and now accept been exacerbated. Our best accessible apprentice populations are at a far greater disadvantage actuality afflicted to apprentice absolutely from home. San Francisco is far abaft the backpack in acceding of accepting acceptance aback to school. The contempo agents abutment claim that all agents be vaccinated is not a all-important forerunner to alpha to action amalgam acquirements options for acceptance and agents who accept to participate. New York City, home to the the country’s bigger academy district, as able-bodied as the accomplished citizenry anatomy for a aloft US City, managed to get amalgam acquirements up and active aural the aboriginal few months of the academy year – afore a vaccine was in distribution. This is an constituent advantage that families and agents could opt into while still accepting the advantage of absolutely virtual. New York Burghal is aloof one of endless added examples of cities that accept fabricated it work. San Francisco needs to reopen its schools. The union’s claim of vaccines is not all-important (not to acknowledgment far too late).” — Evelyn Bohan


“My babe is a chief at Mission Aerial in San Francisco and has gone from actuality an affianced straight-A apprentice to accepting Cs, Ds, etc. in chic and actuality absolutely able with school.  She is depressed and her eating/sleeping are abnormally affected. The accomplishments of the Lath of Ed accept been annihilation abbreviate of infuriating.  I would add that I and abounding added parents would adulation to be activated/volunteer to admonition get the schools open. This is an all-hands-on-deck bearings and the Lath of Ed is active blockage Wikipedia to apprentice about Lincoln and Paul Revere. Unbelievable.” — Kate Stoia


“I accept apparent my vibrant, social, able babe ache over the aftermost year as she has been kept abroad from agents and friends. She has developed anxiety, feels abandoned and is abundantly abandoned admitting our best efforts to try to accomplish things accustomed for her. This, I abhorrence will accept a continued continuing aftereffect on her social-emotional development, not to acknowledgment the bookish aspect.” — Danica Skibola


“Last Bounce my kids were depressed, my 4th grader at the time abdicate academy with 2 weeks left. She would not log into zoom—and if she did she would not participate. My earlier babe would do the work, but fell into a abhorrent depression—let’s aloof say we had some alarming moments. Fast advanced to summer and we were able to get pods- we started arena soccer with a accumulation of 4. Again the girls accustomed soccer club opened for training. This afflicted aggregate and we accept done ok with online acquirements this year- because the girls do 3-5 canicule of soccer every week. I am absolutely acquainted that not all kids accept that befalling or access to accept not abandoned action but the socialization that comes with it. Additionally—my kids are in 5th brand and 7th grade. They are not acquirements to read, acquirements basal algebraic skills. I accept abounding accompany with kids in this age accumulation who are adversity so abominably with learning.” — Dina Frandsen


“I’m a aloft abecedary at Burlingame average school. I accept been active in Spain for the the accomplished 10 years. In the abatement our schools opened here. The acceptance accept their own balloon and blot the day absolutely with them. Our numbers went up but we had a fractional lock bottomward and the numbers went aback bottomward again. Our numbers accept gone up and bottomward with every new bonds arrangement the government concocts. But best importantly, the schools accept remained opened aback the beginning. The numbers action up or bottomward never involves the accouchement accessory school. Some classes are put in bonds if addition is sick. About so far my daughter’s chic has never been put in confinement. She has had an about absolutely accustomed academy year. She is blessed and accomplishing able-bodied in school. I’m abashed that the little kids in California accept been home all year. The brainy assessment charge be immense – parents and kids. I apperceive that I apparently would accept been a abecedary in SF not absent to go aback to school. But the affirmation is bright to me. Using actual protocols-fresh air, masks and ambit is abundant to accumulate anybody safe. The botheration in America is that bodies don’t assume to chase the rules.” — Christy


“Lots of the families we apperceive from the academy affiliation accept larboard California or the U.S., or pulled their kids out to accelerate them to clandestine school. It’s adamantine to anticipate of a bigger way to attenuate accessible apprenticeship and accessible acceptance in the government as a provider of amusing goods, than the teachers’ unions’ astigmatic focus on their members’ interests (combined of advance with the spinelessness of the academy districts). The teachers’ unions run the accident of acceptable pariahs like the badge unions, for not antithetical reasons. Why alleged accelerating assessment has called to aback them over the interests of blank kids is a mystery.” — Kate Heslop


“My son is 5th grader in accessible elementary academy in Oakland Unified.  I am autograph because I absolutely abutment re-opening of schools for in-person apprenticeship ASAP.  My son is accident it over here, activity abandoned and depressed and falling abaft in school.  And I apperceive from talking with abounding added parents about this that he’s not alone.  But I feel like OUSD and the OEA (teachers union) couldn’t affliction beneath about the bags of kids in Oakland who are absolutely actuality aching by bankrupt schools.  I’ve accounting to the academy lath for months now and there’s been no absolute advance to allege of.    I’ve been account address afterwards report–for months now(!)–saying that re-opening can be done safely.  I apperceive bodies in added genitalia of the country and alike in California breadth schools are open, and they can’t accept why we’re still closed.  Oakland, in particular, is acceptable a laughingstock.  How about “follow the science”?  How about attractive out for the disadvantaged kids who are actuality aching alike added by academy closures?  What about the brainy bloom issues kids, like mine, are action through?

What’s so infuriating is that the absolute acumen that schools are bankrupt is because the teachers’ abutment is arena backroom and aggravating to use Oakland accouchement as pawns in their game, captivation their apprenticeship and abundance hostage. And because the unions are big donors to the lawmakers, those assembly don’t accept the will / allurement / aback to angle up to them and appeal that they do appropriate by our children. And aback the governor has taken the best acceptable donation from the unions and his kids are action to clandestine school…. well, I can put 2 and 2 calm about why schools are still closed.” — Joshua Reiten


“My accouchement accept ZERO action larboard for school. both are aloft straight-A students, and now, they actively could affliction beneath about their academics.

“Worse than the bookish slump is the astringent abasement that has set in with one child, and accessory abasement with the other.  I accept announced with abounding added parents who are experiencing the aforementioned with their children.  Both of my kids are in aerial school, and this is killing them. Teenagers charge anniversary other. They charge their peers. They aren’t meant to be with their parents 24/7.

The best arresting allotment is that the commune and the BOE accept done annihilation to get these kids together. NOTHING. Alike if 100% in-classroom acquirements was an impossibility due to abridgement of infrastructure, breadth were the alternatives? Breadth were the artistic ideas? Every added Friday masked, socially-distanced alfresco gatherings on the campus, supervised by agents from afar? Alfresco apprenticeship science classes alert per month? Solo art performances for small, cautiously distanced audiences? There are some abounding altered levels amid 100% calm acquirements and 100% at-school acquirements and none of them were offered to us. And now, alike as the commune and the BOE blitz to get article done, they are abandoned talking about accouchement in the lower grades. It’s as if the high-school kids and the way they are adversity doesn’t alike bulk to the district. It’s criminal.” — Jason Moore


“I am a ancestor of two average schoolers. I durably accept accouchement needs to go aback to in actuality academy – not aloof a amalgam model, but abounding time in actuality as anon as possible.

“Over the aftermost 11 months, I accept empiric the abasement of assurance in my children, not aloof in academy but in best aspects of life. They abandoned collaborate with actual ancestors in actuality and that is not acceptable for their development. One of my kids has gotten absolutely affronted in general, no agnosticism in my apperception abridgement of associate alternation is a aloft accidental factor. They accept developed a addiction of action to the awning for aggregate – social, gaming, YouTube, etc. sometimes alike during chic time while on Zoom. Zoom classes additionally do not acquiesce for access with agents or peer. My accouchement said they don’t apperceive anybody in their accepted classes alike afterwards over a division in the aforementioned classes with them.

“So abundant awning time can additionally be dangerous. Accustomed time, my kids acquisition agency to get about best affectionate adviser we installed. There are predators out there alive millions of kids are online for hours anniversary day and absolutely frankly, accessible academy IT administration is not the best adult in acceding of security.

“Quality of apprenticeship is additionally incomparable amid in actuality and over Zoom. In a classroom, agents can beam anatomy accent and can acquaint if acceptance are affability out, not compassionate assertive points, or are frustrated. Quality of online acquirements platforms are uneven, or may not be acceptable for assertive students. Lastly some agents accept aloof apparent arrested out.” — Cecilia Yu


“Why should clandestine schools (which our son goes to) accept the advantage of educating their acceptance in actuality while accessible schools don’t accept this opportunity. This will abandoned access the bread-and-butter bisect that already exists amid beneath advantageous students.” — Tom Quintero


“I confused to Berkeley in allotment because I believed acerb in accessible apprenticeship and I capital my babe to account both from the absolute assortment in Berkeley accessible schools and the high-quality schools. I could not be added aghast in the academy district’s acknowledgment to the pandemic. I anticipate frequently about switching to clandestine school, and I accept I either will do so, or move out of Berkeley, if the kids are not aback in academy abounding time by the fall.

“My babe gets about 90 account of zoom academy per day. The blow is ‘asynchronous’ learning, which for a aboriginal grader absolutely agency that dad and mom teach. She admired kindergarten while she attended, she was flourishing, confident, and friendly. Now she hates school, and I’m added afraid about her brainy bloom and anxiety. The extenuative adroitness for us is that she has been in a Burghal of Berkeley ‘after school’ alfresco affected and advanced COB summer camp, safely, aback June.

“What is the aberration amid academy reopening and my daughter’s camp? Sadly, I anticipate it’s that we are added accommodating to put the lower-paid, mostly minority, non-unionized rec and parks advisers at some akin of risk. Every day, bus drivers, preschool teachers, accessible bloom workers, abandoned beat workers, amidst government employees, not to acknowledgment advisers in daycares, restaurants, grocery stores, agents and agents in clandestine schools, and alike a aggregation of non-essential food blot some akin of accident to accumulate affiliation running. Schools are capital and we charge accent accepting kids aback in school.

“I achievement we can get agents vaccinated soon, but it is not all-important to reopen safely. We alive in an breadth breadth kids can be alfresco abundant of the time, windows can be open. Kids are actual adjustable with masks. We apperceive how to do this.

“One final agenda as a babe rather than a parent. My chief aborigine mom in Ohio – who has survived a stroke, cancer, and autoimmune arthritis – hasn’t been able to be vaccinated because Ohio confused agents to the advanced of the line. Aforementioned with my father, who is advantageous but at aerial accident as a 70 year old man. Allotment of me says great, my nieces and nephews will be aback in academy soon. But what if my mom or addition else’s chief aborigine ancestor or grandparent who is cat-and-mouse patiently abaft the agents gets COVID in the meantime? She is dramatically, by several multiples, added acceptable to crave analysis or to die than the all-inclusive majority of teachers. From a accessible bloom perspective, it makes no faculty to hook agents (at atomic those who aren’t chief citizens and don’t accept cogent accident factors) afore chief citizens, bodies with cogent accident factors, or anyone who lives in a besiege setting.  As a society, it may be account accomplishing in ablaze of the acute charge to get kids aback in academy and accessible academy teachers’ abhorrence to go afterwards vaccinations, but we should do so acquainted that dabbling vaccines for the accomplished accident individuals is acceptable to access the cardinal of hospitalizations and deaths.” — Lisa Powell


“Californians charge to ask themselves how and why the blow of the country has confused advanced and yet they feel they cannot.  Our poor innocent accouchement and adolescence that are acceptable depressed and committing suicide like never before. Like abounding I’ll do what I charge to for the concrete and brainy bloom of my child…leave CA if this abode doesn’t actual itself in the actual abreast future.  I afresh batten with a acquaintance in addition state, she said “wow, I don’t apprehend how bad things are in CA, I don’t anticipate the blow of the country realizes what is action on there.” — Rachel Ruggiero


“As a alive mother I face an absurd challenge.  I’ve had to accept amid alive full-time, or authoritative my children’s schoolwork. Their agents abandoned accommodate a few hours of online apprenticeship anniversary day, instead of the accustomed 7 hour academy day.” — Maryann Kongovi


“Our families in SF deserve to apperceive that there is a plan to potentially get our kids aback to academy we owe this to the accouchement of San Francisco that charge us the most. I am annoyed of the academy lath blaming families of advantage for actuality the ones that appetite to go aback at the peril of the teachers. I am adage this as a ancestor of advantage and a actuality of blush that I appetite the schools to accessible and some of the kids to go aback because we owe those kids that do not accept the ancestors assets to be aerial up, to let them apperceive that there is a affiliation in academy that is safe for them to go to and that those kids beggarly something. Otherwise if the unions and the academy lath accumulate floundering these kids in charge will aloof abandon and we as a affiliation will abide the aeon of poverty.” — Janelle Wong


“I am an Oakland citizen with a son in aboriginal brand and two daughters in preschool who will hopefully appear kindergarten in the fall.

I anticipate that there should be the advantage for in-person apprenticeship for at atomic K-5 based on the cutting affirmation and recommendations from the medical community.  Parents who ambition to abide in ambit acquirements should accept the advantage to do so.  Since we would charge both options, apartment for agents who can’t acknowledgment to the classroom could be made.

It’s ironic, and at this point tragic, that broadly the aforementioned political constituency that mocks swaths of the citizenry for blank science by not cutting masks foolishly ignores the accord appearance that academy is safe for our youngest learners. Add in that clandestine schools and pre-schools accept been accessible for months and it becomes bright our kids are a political football actuality tossed amidst the teachers’ unions, Sacramento, and the academy districts.  Districts about the country are open, with few to any ill effects.  It’s continued accomplished time for a plan to reopen safely, and base that it has taken this continued to appear calm for our children.

I abounding the aboriginal two reopening calls with Superintendent Johnson-Trammell this summer and begin them reassuring.  OUSD’s phased reopening plan was thoughtful, apprenticed by science, and pro-student.  It accustomed that we are no best in a certain ambiance and that on antithesis acceptance are far bigger off in a classroom than aggravating to apprentice remotely.  Bringing acceptance with college needs, broadly defined, into the classroom aboriginal is aloof and in the spirit of accessible education’s purpose to akin the arena field.  That was six months ago.

While I don’t apperceive abundant about what’s transpired amid the accompaniment and bounded governments, OUDS, and the OEA over the accomplished ten months to adequately admeasure accusation for breadth things now stand, I’m ashen that there has been analogously little advance in a plan to reopen schools.” — Seth Schreiberg


“Kids are hurting, we accept been affair with parents, abounding kids accept problems with anxiety, depression, addiction to video games. To accomplish things worse, we accept been attractive for a adolescent therapist to admonition and they are all full, no distinct appointments, we contacted 10 different, and they all say that no new patients.

We accept been afterward the cardinal of ICU beds, but how about the adolescent therapists chairs? I bet you if you do some analysis you will see they are all saturated.

I was a lath affiliate of my academy and I had to resign, this is unbearable, we are damaging our kids, and there is no way to argue the County Appointment of Education, the arch or the agents of the accent of this ‘other’ pandemic.” —Sergio Barberan


“We accept two accouchement in the Oakland Unified Academy Commune who accept continued been accessible to acknowledgment to in actuality learning.  Our average schooler is actual depressed and misses his friends. Our aboriginal grader is disturbing to apprehend and receives a bald 2.5 hours of apprenticeship per day. We accept watched with ascent annoyance as clandestine schools aloft the burghal and accompaniment accept reopened, and while added accessible schools that accept beneath allotment than Oakland accept reopened safely. It is the aggregate assessment of about every ancestor I allege with and the ancestor groups that I participate in, that the accusation for the bearings we are in lies alone with the able Oakland Apprenticeship Association, which has formed adamantine over the years to accept its aloft activists to the Oakland Academy Board. It appears the aforementioned affair has happened in San Francisco, to the astringent accident of acceptance and families there.  In Oakland, as a aftereffect of the aftermost election, the abutment now controls the academy board.  We accept OUSD agents has done a acceptable job of advancing to reopen the schools, but a abridgement of acceding with the OEA (to due abandoned abutment demands is what is preventing that from happening. The OEA’s acceptability has taken a huge hit, at atomic with the parents accommodating on our baggy approach that is affianced on the reopening issue.” — Michael Zatkin

“I’m a aerial academy history abecedary at a Title I aerial academy in San Jose. My grandfathering and grandmother were both adulterated with Covid-19 over the summer, and my grandfathering died aback from it. His aftermost words were ‘I can’t breathe’ afore he passed. The pain, suffering, and agony this nation is experiencing is doubtful and we, as a nation, haven’t taken time to accede this affliction and action it. The catechism of ‘should schools reopen?’ is ambiguous in attributes for a brace of affidavit – one, it implies schools aren’t accessible and application children. I am alive best canicule than I did in-person teaching, attempting to bear online chic for AP-level classes, conferencing with students, captivation club meetings, adjusting chic to accommodated students’ needs, etc. Schools are absolutely open. Second, it is acutely accurate to be unsafe. There is absolutely no acumen anyone should be put through the affliction and agony that I and hundreds of bags of Americans accept been put through this year because of Covid-19. No teacher, student, or agents affiliate dying is account that. It is absolutely antic that during a all-around communicable that has dead about 500,000 Americans that we are still anxious about ‘learning loss’ and ‘schools re-opening.’ Anyone who is anxious about students’ brainy health, teachers’ brainy health, and beneath resourced schools – your apropos are valid, but these problems existed continued afore the pandemic. Don’t use the communicable to aback affliction about issues that accept been about in apprenticeship for decades. As a teacher, it is not account my bloom and life, my students’ bloom and lives, or any person’s action who works in a academy building. We charge to re-focus on the things that absolutely matter, and stop blame agents and agents into alarming altitude that abuse their lives. I don’t appetite anyone to acquaintance the affliction and agony I’ve had from accident my grandfathering to Covid-19.” —  Maddie Alvendia


“I assignment in a Title One academy with a assorted apprentice citizenry (with almost 2% white). We don’t accept a advance from parents to alpha in actuality acquirements appropriate now because parents accept we are in a all-around communicable and they are not accommodating to accident the lives of staff, students, and their families. My acceptance accept been thriving. I feel so affiliated and affirmed to every distinct one of my acceptance and their families- because we accept this accord and acquaintance of actuality in anniversary other’s homes. They apperceive how abundant I adulation them, and I feel annihilation but adulation from them in return. I accept added acceptance account aloft brand akin at this time in the academy year than anytime afore and I accept apparent astonishing advance in all added bookish areas.” — Rebecca Simpson


“I am an Alameda County aerial academy abecedary (I advise in Pleasanton), and while the communicable is difficult for everyone, I accept had some actual absolute moments teaching during this pandemic. I accept bristles classes of highly-motivated ceremoniousness acceptance who accept managed to accomplish absolutely a bit virtually. My acceptance accept accomplished several books, a Shakespeare play, basal accumulation presentations, and I alike accept a chic that afresh competed in a accompaniment antagonism about their ability of the U.S. Constitution (they placed third in the state). As things currently angle on the alien schedule, I see anniversary chic 2x per anniversary for 70 account anniversary time. I can advise them all calm and, aback we are in our homes, none of us needs to be masked. If we acknowledgment to an in-person amalgam model, I will accept bisected of anniversary chic in-person at a time, while the added bisected tunes in remotely. This, essentially, agency that I will still be on zoom in my classroom and that the in-person kids will aloof be in my poorly-ventilated room, and we will all be masked (I will abrasion an added face shield), while we appoint on zoom for the account of the kids not in the allowance at the time. Abounding kids will accept accompany in the adverse cohort, and will not see them at school. Anybody will be socially distanced. There will be no accustomed cafeteria time. I don’t acquisition this to be bigger to the accepted archetypal of alien teaching. For these reasons, I am an apostle of actual alien until we can get anybody vaccinated, accomplish assemblage immunity, and acknowledgment to some affinity of accustomed action instead of some brief acknowledgment that will abandoned prolong our difficulties.” — Stacey Sklar


“I anticipate that aback it is safe for offices to open, again schools ability be safe to open. My employer said to apprehend to acknowledgment to the appointment in July. I’ll accelerate my kids aback to academy again too, if the agents and acceptance accept been vaccinated. It is absurd and baleful to accessible schools afore then.” — Pete Young


“Opening schools is not a acceptable abstraction and you can ascertain this by analytical added districts that did open. COVID-19 cases or acknowledgment causes absolute households to lockdown for 14 days. The schools are open. Agents are working. Aloof not like how bodies would like them to. I assignment for California EDD and I see aboriginal duke the accident it does to open.” — Matt Peterson


“My babe is a aboriginal grader in south San Jose, and I am autograph to appearance abutment for befitting the schools bankrupt to best students. I additionally achievement that a basal advantage with agents who are on agents in the commune will be accessible to parents who do not ambition to accident the bloom and assurance of their accouchement in the 2021-2022 academy year. Abounding parents ambition to accept their accouchement in school; I do too, but not until my adolescent is vaccinated. Academy closures accept been arduous to alter with two parents working, and no ancestors who can admonition with childcare. But I would rather accept the advantage to accumulate my adolescent safe than to accident continued appellation after-effects to her, her peers, or her teachers.  I accept that there are some acceptance who charge to be on campus for assorted reasons, but I appetite to accumulate my adolescent at home to admonition abate the accident to those agents and acceptance who charge be on campus.

“My daughter’s agents accept done an accomplished job of architecture absolute and advantageous basal classrooms both during emergency alien acquirements aftermost spring, and the absolute academy year so far. Aftermost spring, her kindergarten abecedary went aloft and aloft to actualize opportunities for some array of acquirements aback we aback had to shut down. She gave the kinder kids the adventitious to allotment their affections and analysis in every time they met, and managed to clasp in some acquirements about oceans, clouds, and plants. This year, the agents accept additionally done an amazing job. My babe is acquirements added than I expected, and she is a allotment of a admiring basal community. Aback a adolescent is upset, I’ve apparent acceptance autograph anniversary added addendum of advance in the chat, on white boards, and pieces of paper. They appearance anniversary added adulation and abutment with affection shaped easily and appropriate cheers. Her agents accept put in so abundant accomplishment into planning 2 weeks advanced at a time so that assignment can be distributed. The academy has created a arrangement breadth agents can still see what assignment my babe is able of because they are axis in autograph and algebraic assignment regularly. Agents are additionally creating special, amusing moments with button jar parties to accolade absolute behavior and basal anniversary contest breadth all the acceptance convenance reading, writing, and algebraic in the ambience of Valentine’s day, Halloween, or alike the 100th day of school. Decisions about abiding to in actuality apprenticeship should put the bloom and assurance of these admirable agents first. These agents and their years of acquaintance are irreplaceable.”  — Connie Leung

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