Calm Modern Residence with Blonde Wooden Floors and White Marble Tiles

Larisa Nikitenko has elegantly invented a very glorious and trendy modern residence in Kharkov. The design expresses the creative idea about combining blonde wooden floors and white marble tiles for the whole part. The fusion was formed in a very mature and melodious arrangement hence it eventually brings homey ambiance and chic outlook as well. The distribution of those wood and marble elements was also very proportional and fair.

Initially this enchanting contemporary apartment speaks about modest illustration of modern residence designs through its high quality material implementation. The minimalist living room has those blonde wooden floors, while the dinning area and kitchen were developed with white marble tiles. The trendy modern furniture apparently is the complement which enhances the beauty of this contemporary dwelling. Black wooden cabinets, grey sofas, white coffee table, white soft curtains, glossy green kitchen cabinets and slim pendant lamps are some furniture in the living room, kitchen and dinning area which appears very impressive.

White painted walls and ceilings also emerge as the best soul mate for those wooden and marble floors. The ambiance feels so tranquil, sleek yet still homey since every material blend melodiously to each other. However, the design for the bedroom is little bit different since there was a colorful accent through some coloring and furnishing. And for the bathroom the design is about grey minimalist style since those grey tiles become so dominant in a very trendy form.

To accumulate, this contemporary residence really expresses a very engaging decoration through its creative mixture of some material. The way each material specifically blonde wood and white marble could blend and support each other was very affecting. In the end this futuristic apartment design can be mentioned as one of the most crispy modern residence interior designs illustration and will bring more new innovation for contemporary design.

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