Charming Kitchen Lighting Effect Utilizing Aesthetic Pendant Lamps

Plush feature is exhibited on the kitchen designs that are visualized by Deltatracing studio that also contains amazing kitchen lighting. As what the first picture shows us, there is a dining area which also contains some parts of the kitchen area that store so many plates and glasses. This area has two outrageous pendant lamps with its complex geometrical lamp shade that comes in a shape of a hollow ball. Those pedant lights are hang over the top of a dining set that has thin and sleek contemporary furniture design.

Moving on to the other picture, there is a wonderful kitchen area with its beautiful lighting effect. The illumination comes from the two wall openings that envelope the kitchen set and they spread the sun light into the house in an amazing spectacle. It creates a great example of kitchen lighting ideas. Monochromatic spectrum decorates the kitchen area with its simple black and white color. There are two pendant lights with delicate lamp shade on the above of the white kitchen island. There are some black stools that are provided by this kitchen island.

The other illustration provides a charming pendant light that is placed above of the kitchen cabinet. A beautiful shell is the feature that shaping the lamp shade of this pendant light. Its white color matches the color of the kitchen cabinet below it. This pendant light becomes a really stunning home decor.

A bigger lamp shade is covering another pendant lamp in the other illustration. This illustration shows a pendant light that has a big lamp shade sculpture that is hang on the top of transparent dining furniture set. That transparent feature comes from the glass material that it used. The kitchen area adjoin with it is brimmed with bright light due to the glass walls that surround it. Those illustrations provide some kitchen lighting ideas over table that will make a charming look on the room.

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