Chic Simple Apartment Design with Turquoise Accent and Stripe Lighting

Anton Grishin has designed a simple apartment design for a small condo. It contains of a single level with 29 square meters wide. Some people might be bored living inside this small space, but the designer creates this apartment in chic for making the occupants feel vivacious every single day. With unique and different designs, this apartment will really indulge the occupants with cheerful nuance by the application of color combinations above the bright white palette.

This apartment has rectangular minimalist shape. Bringing simple small apartment design, the designer applies white as the wall and ceiling paint. This apartment has glass window on a side of the room that gives natural lighting at daytime. There s a living room in front of the window. It has turquoise sofa bed with pillows at the corner. It has rectangular white coffee table in the middle that faces the white wooden desk and steel book shelves.

White dining table and white Scandinavian chairs separate the living room with the kitchen area. This table has minimalist shape with green ornamental plant beside. The designer installs wooden kitchen cabinets with white backsplash and lighting under them that result a modern design in simplicity. There is a turquoise and white rug below the stripes kitchen ceiling. This unique ceiling has dramatic lighting above.

The designer applies similar wooden claddings as the shower floor in the bathroom. It has a space of opaque wall that separates the bathroom and kitchen. This bright shower has glass walls as the entrance. It also has waterproof television right on the wall below the shower with straight line lighting. The designer applies black tiles floor outside the shower space. Those dark tiles balance the bright walls and lighting. This bathroom has wooden towel shelves at the corner as the warm tone accents. You can easily emulate these simple design ideas for small apartment with additional personal decorations.

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