Classical Parisian Interior Design with Woods and Natural Accents

Many people like to apply Parisian interior design to their residence. It is the combination of classic, vintage, and modern in stylish Scandinavian touch. The designer also gives the natural elements for the design. Some of them give those natural elements by placing the real ornamental plants or flowery inside, the others even just placing some decorations with floral pattern or natural bright colors. This design also uses woods as the combination, to make the room warm and friendly.

If you are looking for some ideas, we will give you the examples. There are several condos with Parisian apartment interior design from that will be easy to apply. The most common palette of this design is white walls. This apartment use sandstone floor with wooden beams on the ceiling. White and grey rugs cover the floor for making it warmer. The designer combines grey sectional sofas and baby blue armchairs for balancing the neutral tones. The designer even places some natural ornamental plants and paintings to make the apartment fresh.

If you are planning to have this design in warmer tone, try to use ivory paint on the wall. You can use the woods elements as the ceiling beams, floor, and furniture. This two levels apartment has bright nuance from the glass windows in many sides. The comfortable burgundy couch and black leather armchair decorate the rooms accordingly with the floral rug and bouquet.

If you want a minimalist room, you can get the inspirations from this apartment. It has white wall and ceiling with smooth wooden floor. The designer deliberately sets the lighting in simplicity. There are several light points above the balcony doors and decorative lamp on another wall. Brown sofa, artistic chair, and warm tone rug fill the apartment harmoniously. The designer doesn’t place any kind of plants inside, but by the glass doors, the green courtyard is the natural background for the room. Those decorating style could be your apartment interior design ideas that will make your apartment full of comfort.

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