Clean White and Black Interior of the Minimalist House in Warsaw

Tamizo Architects designs spotless scheme of white and black interior in a minimalist house at Warsaw. Starting from the spacious sitting room, an open space concept employs the glazed walls to make lighting enhancement in the day. The black scheme comes from the sharp lining frame of the window glass, the paintings, LCD TV screen and three graceful floor lamps. They collaborate in creating a simple but stylish interior design upon the white and bright furniture and home elements.

Take a look in detail, the formal appearance of L-shaped sofa mates with three restful bean bags. Being bored to sit on the raised furniture, the fresh sensation from the clean floor can be reached when sitting on the bean bags. Abundant reinforcement from the natural light through the wall translucency gives a free lighting to read and watch the TV show, while in the night; the stylish floor lamps lend a tender light altering the sunlight radiance in the sitting room. It lets the white and black interior design still in the tune when the dark bespreading outside world.

Exploring further to the dining and cooking spaces, the two hues are still in the same realm to keep the minimalism idea invading these areas. Bold black upon a matte white presents the sight on the dining furniture. Different kinds of dark colored pendant lamps support the eating furniture to show the modest but fashionable design in black. The sleek countertop of dining table seems to be the resemblance of a black mirror in laying up in horizontal.

Neat and clean modern kitchen is consistent to bring the minimalist and homely design to provide a nice chef zone. Thin geometric accent becomes the decor upon the perfect white wall and cabinetries. It is s brilliant idea to have some cooking set in black to contrast with the background. Those are a smart black and white interior design living room which may inspire to set up a minimalist home.

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