Comfortable Home Interior Design: Decorate Your Ceiling with Lighting

A Ukranian designer, VitalyYurov, has created several imagery on beautiful home interior design. He likes to put much accent on the ceiling. Undoubtedly, you kind find many kinds of lighting hanging or attached on the room’s ceiling. He believes that lighting is the most important point when you want to beautify your house. Too much light would increase the house’s temperature. But light of lacks would definitely ruin your sight.

Let’s take a look at the following example of living room design. The home interior design ideas combine living space and kitchen into one. However, both rooms employ different floor materials. The former has laminated wood floor, meanwhile the latter utilizes shiny ceramic tile. As the semi divider, the architects try to utilize transparent cabinet made out of acrylic to ensure the residents’ sight is not limited. It is also very useful to improve the spacious impression upon the house.

The modern couch is placed across the wall integrated telly. Its wall, however, is covered by wooden panels. Many kinds of materials are utilized in forming the house inner wall. We can also find a stone wall in the dining room. It creates a beautiful combination with the wooden dining table. It is also accompanied with plush chairs. Above such dining set, there are many hanging lamps with visible wire. They have transparent caps.

The house is quite spacious; it can be proven by the master bedroom design. Under the bed, we can find a modern rug. There also is a long couch employed next to the wall. The bed’s headboard is the combination between unfurnished wood with the furnished one. Above it, we can find a beautiful carving which also accommodates the wall lamp. Above the bed, there is a modern chandeliers with modern shiny black color. Such home interior design ideas 2014 also utilize desk lamp on each of the bed side.

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