Creative Modern House Interior: Different Room Different Style

Designed by Int2Architecture, this modern house interior presents brand new impression of living. Each room in this house has different style of decoration. The interior design is adjusted with the resident’s needs as well as with the room functions. It would make you feel like changing house everyday. The house sits on not so spacious land. It is located in the suburban area near the Lake Malahovskoe, Moscow.

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Let’s take a look at the living room first. The seating area is basically integrated with other functional rooms such as the dining room and kitchen. This is done in order to eliminate unnecessary room divider which would make the house narrower. This modern house interior designs has a hardwood floor. On top of it, we can see a simple sofa design placed in front of a round coffee table. On the back part of the sofa, there is a kitchen set which combines green and grey coloring. Its wall, however, is also covered by wooden panel.

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Even though there is not much space provided inside the house, it still maintain to have a working space. This part of the house utilizes brown carpet placed on top of wooden flooring. The wall is painted in grey, however, one of its side is decorated with earth’s painting. It is equipped with wall mounted desk which could accommodate two persons all at once. Next to the desk, there is a huge bookshelf.

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The bathroom, however, employs Japanese style. It covers the furniture with unfurnished wooden materials. The floor, however, utilizes ceramic tile with small squares. One of the bathroom wall is covered by natural stone. Its ceiling, therefore, is equipped with wood slats. The bathroom would provide you with a tiny bath tub. On its corner, you can also find a little sauna room which could take up to two people. This modern house interior design plans is also equipped with laundry room in the basement.

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