Crispy Interior Design in a Plain Form with a Lovely Green Accent

Boris Alexandrov has artistically formed a very crispy and sleek interior design for an existing apartment. The design appears pleasant and modest with plain hues, and the presence of fresh green accent apparently becomes of soul of this trendy modern dwelling. The modernity was well represented through contemporary furniture, while artistic value was beautifully added through charming white painted brick walls with some parts being completely bare in its existing color.

Initially green stuffs as the accent for this plain style was dramatically arranged start from the modest living room. The bright greenish puff sofas emerge so vivid with another plain features for instance sturdy wooden coffee table, white painted walls and ceilings, black slim standing lamps, wooden floors and artistic straw rug. The development apparently could be labeled as one of the most crispy interior design ideas prototype. The brick walls embrace a very charming floating staircase, bring more homey and comfy aura.

The excitement of green was also added for the simple yet elegant dinning area. Some chunky minimalist chairs, sturdy wooden dinning table, and black-white pendant lamps represent very ultimate contemporary design. One of those chunky chairs has fresh light green as its hue and apparently it becomes the accent for the dinning room. For the kitchen, white dominates all over the part and undoubtedly brings more tranquil and sleek appearance. Lovely white kitchen cabinets blend dramatically with some green plants which stand stunningly in some white vases.

To conclude this modern crispy yet fresh decoration undoubtedly demonstrates a very charming modest arrangement through its intimate fusion between plain form and green accent. For any residence owner who adores something new which shows a bout modest and neat yet still fresh design, they could contemplate this dwelling design because it elegantly emerges as one of the most creative example of interior design ideas for apartments which could give more new inspiration and idea.

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