Dazzling Minimalist Interior in Perfect Color Blend of Artistic Stuff

House with minimalist interior is perfect for family who doesn’t like too much details. Minimalist means simple, giving an easiness for its residents. We have got pictures of home inspiration which come from Denis Khramov. This apartment has unique theme that is suitable for young family. This kitchen corner for example, has a chalkboard as its wall decoration. They can write notes or anything here. Chalkboard will always make a chic decoration.

Get into the dining table near the kitchen, this table has light blonde color of wood material. This table is simple and clean. The separated table has the same style with the connected table and bar. In this kitchen area, architect put the round hanging lamp in black color. These lamps look so artistic among the bright room interior. When we see below, we will find a wooden flooring with the similar material as the table. This room shows an awesome minimalist interior design concept.

Typographical picture frame wall decorations are used at many parts of the house. A frame is located near the dining table. Above the light green chairs, there is one frame decor too. Those stuff create a vivid accent among the soft interior. Stylish accent also comes from this creative accessories. Get into the living room section, we will find a bold blue wall decorative stuff. Next from this corner, there is metallic round standing lamp. Black sofa looks so comfortable within the room.

Another minimalist design with the same concept also uses the round hanging lamp in black color. This lamp is utilized as decoration which gives spot for the dining table below it. Interior is dominated in white color of flooring, ceiling, book shelf, and wall. All white interior makes the architect can freely decorate every part of this living space. Black sofa stands at the center of the room. These minimalist interior design ideas can also be applied easily for your home planning.

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