Delightful Open Living House with Wooden and Rooftop Terraces

Many designers have created open living house for many buildings. Many people like the application of this living type. This design makes the room feel wide and bright, moreover if the living room is located right beside the open garden. Studio MK27 has successfully created a house with this design in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This house has natural luxuriant surroundings that harmoniously encircle this concrete dwelling. This house has modern contemporary design with minimalist decorations.

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This house will indulge the occupants by spacious outdoor areas with plenty of sunlight at daytime. With open living house designs, this house has folding shades that obscure the limit between the garden and living room. Green landscape spread out on the courtyard. It has outdoor swimming pool with sun beds. Beside the pool, there is a terrace with wooden claddings floor and concrete ceiling. Wooden chairs with cushions and oval table decorate the terrace in comfort.

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Behind the folding shade, grayish sectional sofas above grayish rug decorate the living room harmoniously. This space has concrete floor and ceiling, but it looks warm by the installation of wooden wall that separates the living and a dining room. This dining room looks like a meeting room. It has a lengthwise wooden table with grayish sectional sofas around. Scandinavian hanging lamps hang above the table and shine the area dramatically.

Captivating Living Room Interior Design On Laminate Light Grain Wooden Flooring Plan And Foamy Grey Sofa

This dining room is located right in front of the terrace. And actually, this terrace also has another dining space with wooden furniture. For indulging the occupants with more outdoor spaces, the designer even sets the rooftop as the optional terrace. It has gravel sides with glass walls encircle the area. The designer also deliberately designs this rooftop terrace with sparse decorations. This space that can be the great open concept living room ideas, only has several seats and ornamental plants but the lighting on the floor make this area is the most romantic place of the house.

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