Deluxe White Apartment Design with Floral Accents and Warm Woods

This white apartment design has designed by Azovskiy & Pahomova Architects in Dnepropetrovsky, Ukraine. It has white open plan concept with the wide glass walls. Although the designer use white as the dominant color, but this residence looks far from the boring look. It has harmoniously chic designs instead. The designer deliberately combines that bright nuance with modern touch, moreover in the living room. The lamps on the ceiling shine the room in many directions that optimize the lighting at night.

This living room looks deluxe and comfortable. The white sectional sofas support the white apartment interior design accordingly. This spacious area with glossy white floor has yellow rug as the color accents and make the room warm although the white nuance make it looks like in the snows. There is a dining space beside the room. It has rectangular white table with slight chairs. It also has ornate hanging lamp as the decoration above the space.

This residence has another living room, or a lounge, exactly, with a little bit different look. To access the space, we have to walk across the white hallway. This hallway has glossy white floor and walls with soft pink paintings. The paintings look harmonious with the pink floral wall in the lounge area. It has warm wooden floor and earthy rug. The designer applies mirror wall on a side to make this room looks wide.

There are several bathrooms inside this residence. They mostly have white nuance but the designer combines them with warm brown color accents. There is a bathroom with mosaic dark walls with white small tiles to entrance the area. And there is another bathroom with elegant wooden floor and walls with bright white bathtub area. Both of them are glorious and deluxe. They show the modern apartment interior design harmoniously.

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