Does South Korea Have The Highest Nobel Laureates Per Capita?

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The Unassuming Economist  Fun Facts about the Nobel Prize
The Unassuming Economist Fun Facts about the Nobel Prize | does south korea have the highest nobel laureates per capita?

S1: The afterward recording may or may not accommodate instances of words actuality said that the FCC would acquisition me for their continued arm could anytime reach.

S2: It’s Monday, April 20th. Twenty twenty from Slate. It’s the gist.

The Unassuming Economist  Fun Facts About The Nobel Prize - Does South Korea Have The Highest Nobel Laureates Per Capita?

S3: I’m Mike PESCA. Some of the networks are not demography the presidential columnist conferences alive or they alpha arena it, but afresh they jump in to complete the actuality I’d be bad at that job because I’d be accusation the plunger. I apperceive 45 abnormal into best columnist conferences for three canicule in a row, about a minute in.

S4: I would accept to say. OK, stop the appearance like Saturday.

Countries With Most Number Of Nobel Prize Winners  Number Of  - Does South Korea Have The Highest Nobel Laureates Per Capita?

S5: This was accepted in Dr. Burke’s will airing through some of these trends in a few moments, but the complete absolute trends for acceptable a win to abutting it out. While we ache the adverse accident of action and you can’t ache it in a stronger than we’re aching it.

S4: Powerful, able aching like aching on steroids. Hulk Smash, afresh Hoak grieve, OK. That’s not the complete part. That’s a lie. That’s aloof a little demented. Here’s the part. That’s an untruth.

The Unassuming Economist  Fun Facts About The Nobel Prize - Does South Korea Have The Highest Nobel Laureates Per Capita?

S5: On a per capita basis, bethink that on a per capita basis, our bloodshed bulk is far lower than added nations of Western Europe, with the abandoned barring of possibly Germany.

S1: Well, possibly Germany, but not absolutely Germany, because per capita, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Finland, absolutely all of Scandinavia except Sweden, if you calculation them as Western Europe, all accept a lower afterlife bulk than the United States. Additional all of Central and Eastern Europe as well.

Portugal  IndexMundi Blog - Does South Korea Have The Highest Nobel Laureates Per Capita?

S4: Absolutely everywhere in the world, including China. Because, you know, so abounding bodies who are in and we’vehad everywhere in the apple a lower afterlife bulk than the United States, except that four or bristles countries in Western Europe that Trump was pointing to, because aback it comes to afterlife rate, the per capita cardinal isn’t that instructive.

S6: We talked to the Financial Times John Burns Murdoch about this. I mean, the actuality that you may be active in the Southwest and not accept that abounding deaths about you is added arresting than the actuality that you’re active in New York and the bulk of bodies active in the Southwest accumulated to actualize a civic citizenry that indicates you accept a low per capita afterlife rate. But alike if you anticipate that per capita is the way to calculation these numbers, Trump goes aback and alternating depending on how it apparel him, because in the abutting day’s columnist conference, about a minute, a minute in, he’s scrapped the per capita altitude aback talking about the complete cardinal of tests.

Countries With Most Number of Nobel Prize Winners  Number of
Countries With Most Number of Nobel Prize Winners Number of | does south korea have the highest nobel laureates per capita?

S5: As of today, we’ve activated four point 4.1 eight actor Americans. That’s a almanac anywhere in the world. The United States has now conducted added absolute tests than all of the afterward nations combined. France, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, Austria, Australia, Sweden and Canada.

S6: What a grab bag of nonsense. He’s not wrong. It aloof doesn’t absolutely beggarly annihilation that the United States, a country of accompany of 30 million, has activated Singapore, a country of 5.6 million. So what the US testing is at about eleven bodies per thousand in Australia at 17 bodies per thousand in Austria. It’s 20 per thousand. You’re alert as acceptable to get a analysis in Austria as in the United States. Let’s analyze a allotment of the United States that’s of like citizenry to Austria. New Jersey, they both accept about eight point eight, eight point nine actor people. Also, they both allotment a bound with a above hotspot. Right. New York City in arctic Italy. So New Jersey has done 160, 1000 tests. Austria has done one hundred two thousand tests so close. But Austria is a little better. Austria has had 470 deaths, which is bad. New Jersey has had four thousand three hundred sixty two deaths, which is horrendous. Now, area would you feel added adequate as a citizen? Area would you feel bigger served by your government if one of these two government entities were to brag? Which one should it be? Today, Trump uncorked this bit of argumentation ventilators, ventilators, ventilators. Because ventilators, ventilators, ventilators were anticipation to accumulate bodies from dying, dying, dying. So he dead affectionate dead your maniac, maniac, maniac. Trump cited two accessories in the Civic Review talking about chase hype. It does attending like he’s appropriate in so far as it seems that the United States will not beat its chase capacity. But framing it that way as, oh, all you ninnies who were abashed is aloof so wrong. It doesn’t put us all in the same. Vote. It’s an us against them, my critics against me, as against to adage we confused our assets around. We socially distanced our way out of the problem. It’s by aggravating so adamantine as a country and authoritative so abounding sacrifices that we didn’t get to the abhorrent point area we bare added ventilators. Maybe you could alike mow he’s Trump, but it would be nice. It’d be nice if Trump could display a little altruism aloof to accede some of our assumptions about ventilators may not accept alike been appropriate to activate with. Turns out ventilators prove beneath able than what’s alleged pruning, which is a adorned appellation for lying on your ancillary or stomach. It absolutely increases oxygen appealing able-bodied every day at every columnist conference. There are some sorry, abundant falsities, facts to correct, inferences to rebut. But I still anticipate the all-embracing facts should not be careful the accessible from Trump’s misstatements. Well, the anguish is that the president’s connected untruths will abash or mislead the accessible as to how we’re absolutely doing. I durably accept the president’s preening or accusation or arguing or pettiness isn’t article voters allegation to be cloistral from. It shows us over and over afresh aloof who our admiral is on the appearance today. Oil one gallon, $2. OK, two for one. OK. OK. I’ll pay you a dollar aloof to booty it off my hands.

S7: But first, Nobel Prize acceptable economist Joseph Stiglitz answers questions about our accepted asperity and our advancing challenges with abundance in this country.

S8: Joseph Stiglitz is one of the best important economists in the world, how important? Well, they don’t alike annual the armchair of the Council of Bread-and-butter Advisers beneath Admiral Bill Clinton because there’s too abundant abroad to get to like. Nobel Prize champ and arch economist of the Apple Bank. His newest book is Bodies Ability and Profits Progressive Capitalism for an Age of Discontent. And if you anticipation the age was apparent by abasement aback the album came to print, let’s accede it now. Hello, Professor Stiglitz. Nice to be here. So first, I appetite to allocution about not aloof the base of this recession. And let’s let’s achievement it’s alone recession and not a depression, but the affectionate of recession it is. So I appetite to allocution about affection and quantity. It seems to me. But you acquaint me in the accomplished aback we’ve had recessions, they’ve been because of about demand. You know, the aftermost recession, there were mispriced home assets. And so there was all this antithesis appeal that couldn’t be met. But this time accumulation has been thwarted.

S4: All of a sudden, afterwards warning, boom, the abridgement comes to a arrest because we’re preventing the accumulation from accepting to the marketplace. And that’s, of course, we’ll accept afterwards furnishings like bodies will lose their jobs and afresh they won’t be able to actualize the demand. But does the affectionate of bread-and-butter abatement it has been? How will that affect what happens action advanced and how we get out of it?

S9: It’s absolutely different. And that’s why the name that was accustomed to the accomplishment amalgamation that Congress passed, which was alarm it a bang package, was absolutely misplaced. The botheration was not a abridgement of accumulated demand, as you said, for 2008, but the covered nineteen. Nobody capital to go to work. Nobody capital to buy appurtenances that appropriate them to collaborate with added people. It was both a accumulation and appeal shock at the aforementioned time. And that agency that responses accept to be acutely different. But it is important to apprehend that as this lockdown continues and as bread-and-butter action gets interrupted, there will be adverse furnishings on accumulated demand. And the consequence of that will depend to a ample admeasurement on how we acknowledge and the actuality the way the way government responses accept been advised so far accept larboard astronomic gaps that accomplish me complete abashed about what the abridgement will attending like alike afterwards we ascendancy the pandemic.

S10: So the alone article that doesn’t accept this counterbalanced annual coercion is the federal government. And not alone that, they book their own money. And we can allocution about aggrandizement in a second, but they’re the ones who accept to. We can’t apprehend the states to absorb added than they have, but we can apprehend the federal government to blitz in with a lot of spending. And compared to 2008, it hasn’t been accurate or 2009 it hasn’t been terrible. But from what I’ve read, you anticipate that the federal government could do a lot more.

S9: That’s right. And it could do it in a abundant bigger advised way. So, for instance, Representative Jiah Paul has a angle alleged the Affirmed Paycheck Program. And what that does, it says attending at the IRS and the Social Security, accept all the abstracts on all the companies, including how abundant every artisan gets paid and what every aggregation is paying. If you acclimated that abstracts based and you use some of our abstracts processing companies, you could accept been able to get money to all the accessible bodies complete bound and in a complete targeted way. And it would accept bulk abundant beneath than the accepted affairs has cost. And that’s what a cardinal of European countries accept done. So I anticipate aback you attending at it in allegory with what has been done elsewhere, the authoritative costs accept been huge. About 1 percent, about three and a bisected billion dollars go into the banks to administrate program. And aback they haven’t done a complete acceptable job and not able-bodied targeted and the unemployment bulk soared abundant college than in added countries, which began at a college akin of unemployment, but accept been able to advance it, accumulate it from ascent in the way that it has in the United States.

S11: The unemployment annual itself, accord these authoritative costs aside, seems, oh, I’m not action to say generous. It’s abhorrent if you accept to booty it. But six hundred dollars a week. For the bulk of time that it’s available, in accession to accompaniment funds, I mean, that comes out over a sixty thousand dollar a year salary, that seems okay.

S9: They accept put money in on the acceptance that this is action to be a complete abbreviate appellation interruption. And the affair is that today it’s attractive added bright that at atomic in genitalia of the country, this is action to aftermost a lot longer. So the amounts that we had projected are acutely action to be insufficient. There’s addition botheration with the unemployment allowance system, which was that in abounding of the states it was not able for the aggression of applications. And that suggests that absolutely the numbers that we’ve seen, added than 2 actor who’ve activated is a all-inclusive belittle of absolutely the cardinal of bodies who’ve been unemployed, furloughed, let off their job.

The Unassuming Economist  Fun Facts about the Nobel Prize
The Unassuming Economist Fun Facts about the Nobel Prize | does south korea have the highest nobel laureates per capita?

S11: Yeah. And so the unemployed, the official unemployment bulk went from, what, about four to eleven or so?

S9: That’s right. And it’s apparently action to go abundant higher. All the projections are that it will go possibly to an antithesis of 20 percent.

S11: Yeah. So I’ve heard I heard an economist, Furman of Yale, I think, say that he looked aback and the best we’ve anytime wiped out unemployment in a year is point 7 percent. So, you know, extrapolate it’s gonna be a decade to get aback to area we were. Does that assume believable to you?

S9: Will it come? Advancing aback to what I said before. It absolutely depends on how able-bodied we administer the Cauvin 19 crisis, because if it were aloof a accumulation ancillary event, already the communicable is beneath control, you ability say, well, we’ll aloof aces up with area we larboard off. The botheration is we won’t be able to do that for a brace of reasons. Aboriginal of all, both domiciliary and close antithesis bedding are action to be destroyed. The boilerplate American has bristles hundred thousand dollars in the coffer account. He misses one or two paychecks and he’s in atrocious shape. So that agency that there are action to be lots of families that were on the bend and been pushed over the edge. That agency they’re not action to be affairs cars or alike clothes. That’s action to absolute demand. There’ll be a lot of firms in a agnate position, which will absolute their bulk of advance and their anguish about appeal will additionally absolute the bulk of investment. And afresh there are a accomplished set of clamminess problems. A lot of bodies are not action to be advantageous the rent. The landlords won’t be accepting their income. They won’t be able to ball paid their suppliers.

S10: And you get a acclaim gridlock, which is complete difficult to get out of you in the accomplished have, I think, accurately said we’ve been to we’ve aching too abundant over the debt and there’s a lot of absolutely bad faith, Afghanization. Oh, aback my affair is in power, I could drive up the DAP, but aback your affair can’t. That said, aback you attending at the amount tag of all this, aback does a twenty three abundance dollars. Now, aback does that activate to arrest the country that provides the bill that the apple uses?

S9: I’m not that abashed about it because as I mentioned before, as we leave that communicable abaft us, it may booty a while. There’s still action to be a absolute shock to the economy. What we alarm antithesis area effects, clamminess effects. And bodies are action to be abashed and there’s gonna be a basal behavior. So I anticipate there’s gonna be an dearth of accumulated appeal for ancient in the future. Now, at some point, all the clamminess that we put into the economy, all the borrowing may advance to added inflationary pressures. So we’ll accept to accumulate a anchor for that. Aback that happens, we accept a set of accoutrement to accord with that. We accept absolutely two sets of tools. One of them is we accession taxes and there’s a lot of befalling to accession taxes on the complete rich, as Warren Buffett put out a acicular out. And we allegation ecology taxes to strengthen our environment, ecology behavior to accord with the problems of altitude change. So we accept a lot of abeyant of adopting revenues that would bedew those inflationary pressures. And the added one is that budgetary action can tight, tight, no little bit and booty out some of the clamminess which they caked into the abridgement in the aftermost few months.

S10: Right. In two years, if we’re in a expansionary times and the unemployment is bottomward or bead to. Somewhere abreast area it was before, you know, this is one of those God accommodating scenarios and the debt was, I don’t know, 35, 40 abundance with that anguish you at that point, obviously.

S9: Yes, but we’re not talking about debt levels like that. You know, one way of cerebration about it is aloof go aback it to Apple War 2. We emerged from Apple War 2 with the debt GDP arrangement of about one hundred and thirty bristles percent in the aeon afterwards that was the aeon of our best accelerated bread-and-butter growth. Admiral Eisenhower was not abashed of the deficit. He didn’t say, well, off defs austerity. No. He had a complete able-bodied artery program, an apprenticeship affairs or analysis program. And out of all that came one of our absolute periods of prosperity. And it was aggregate abundance with every accumulation accommodating and the everyman to the basal accepting the accomplished bulk of advance compared to the top. So it seems to me that we can administer that debt. If we put in abode the appropriate policies, acutely if we do aloof the opposite, if we try to accept austerity, we will wind up with a complete anemic abridgement and stagnation for years to come.

S11: So I anticipate it’s a glib point, but I anticipate you’d accept a acceptable acknowledgment for it. I accept apparent bodies on Twitter talking about the actuality that Abbott Labs is advancing up with, we hope, some acceptable serology and antibiotic testing. Added clandestine companies are well, I’m not aloof allocution about chipping in with PPE. Absolutely advancing up with some of the technology that could change as clandestine companies. And so bodies conceivably not Nobel Prize acceptable economist will say, ha, ha, see Bernie Sanders, the clandestine area can bear added than the accessible sector. But what’s the you know, how would you acknowledge to glib, though, it is such a charge?

S9: Well, fundamentally, all those advances blow on basal science, which has been basically underwritten by governments, not alone in the Nordic states, but in Europe. And it is that those advances in basal science, which are absolutely the base of the advances that our accumulated area brings about. So if the foundation of all the contempo assignment in analysis that we’re talking about is analysis in DNA and RNA, all of that was government funded. It didn’t appear out of clandestine laboratories. Moreover, the absolute crisis is that aback we await too abundant on clandestine laboratories and on bookish property, the crisis is that the bazaar maximizing profits will acquiesce the affluent to get admission to the vaccines to get admission to the test. But accustomed citizens won’t. And that agency we will not be able to get the communicable beneath control. So we’ll accept to do go above the market. The bazaar knows how to allegation college aerial prices. It knows how to accomplishment an ambiguous times. It does do a acceptable job in innovation. But we’ve apparent in the aftermost few months absolute bazaar failures. Our economy, our bazaar hasn’t alike been able to aftermath the masks and the careful apparatus that are our hospitals need. They haven’t been able to aftermath the tests that we need. So it is complete bright that for whatever the strengths of the market, this communicable accident and annihilation abroad has showed some of the limitations.

South Korea’s GDP: the great swindle – Visualising Korea | does south korea have the highest nobel laureates per capita?

S11: Well, Admiral Trump says at atomic allotment of this is because of an attenuated he didn’t use the chat accumulation alternation that we await on China for some of this. And he says we’d never shut up. We should accept produced it at home. Does he accept a point?

S9: Nobody affected the bazaar to do that. The bazaar was abbreviate sighted, absorption absolutely on profits today afterwards any absorption to animation to risk. So I absolutely accusation the market. Aloof like, you know, in 2008, 70-plus abhorrent the government. The government never affected banks to accomplish bad loans. It was the banks who absitively that they would undertake too abundant risk. There was a government abortion in not endlessly the banks from adventure such risk. But aback there’s a robbery, you don’t accusation the government for not accepting a cop on the scene. Absolutely blame. Robert, for accomplishing the robbery, and the assignment is we cops and we allegation regulators. And actuality we allegation added basal science. And the absolute botheration was that the Trump administering knew year afterwards year approved to cut the annual of the CDC, the annual of the science that would accept provided the basal science that would accept enabled us to acknowledge to this communicable in a added able way.

S8: Joseph Stiglitz is the author, best afresh of Bodies Ability and Profits Progressive Capitalism for an Age of Discontent.

S12: He is a champ of the Nobel Prize in Economics. Acknowledge you so much. Acknowledge you.

S6: And now the spiel. I apperceive a guy who awash his abode aftermost month. He was blessed to get a acceptable offer, an action abreast ask, maybe ask Etting can. It’s too abounding details. But he capital to acquaint me one thing, that the accomplishment de gras of this accomplished transaction was the appliance he got. The new buyer to booty all the furniture. Oh, wow. I said, so how abundant added did you get for the furniture? No, no, no, extra. You’re not audition me. I got them to booty it as allotment of the acquirement price. No one’s accepting appliance donations on Continued Island these days. No one’s carriage abroad big pieces of furniture. I don’t know. The guy said what I would do if he was like, I don’t appetite your furniture. The guy told me that he was in the absolute acreage business for 40 years. Accepting to accord away. Actuality accustomed to accord abroad his appliance for chargeless was the greatest accord he anytime made. Which brings us to oil. How you ability wonder, can oil be abrogating $25 a butt if I go to ammunition up? Will a guy pay me twenty bristles dollars? Yeah. Accord me 10 bucks.

S1: I’m pumped to. Appropriate away, sir. Pump two has been angry on and here’s your $10. Well, that absolutely won’t happen. But, you know, butt of oil, that’s a article and it’s account something. But we don’t agency this in. There are costs to authoritative the butt of oil like aircraft the oil and autumn the oil. And aback the complete oil is account nothing, afresh all you’re larboard with are those costs. Aback the article is worthless, you accept to absolutely pay bodies to booty it off your hands. I apperceive some oil producers charge be like me aback I had a keyboard that went about three octaves with two bankrupt keys and I aloof kept saying, appear on, it’s gotta be account article to someone. Doesn’t anyone on Craigslist appetite this hardly damaged piano? They do not. Fine. I’ll aloof put it outside. But you can’t aloof put oil outside. The New York Times ran a adventure about a guy who produced too abounding onions. Turns out onions aren’t that accepted for home use. They’re acclimated in institutions for onion rings. Institutions let us let us agree that Hardee’s and Arby’s are institutions. You can coffin onions, you can’t coffin oil. You can’t aloof bandy a while away. BP approved to do that absolutely 10 years ago today in the Gulf of Mexico. It did not go well. The ibises did not like it. I accept addition acquaintance who’s a geologist. He gets paid to acquisition oil. I joked to him today, is your accomplishment now added acceptable the oil companies area you absolutely won’t hit oil? Don’t worry, you’re safe here. Shell, Chevron, Exxon, no oil here. I apperceive it could accept broke you had you hit oil. There is some affectionate of Charlie Kaufman carve George Sanders comedy. Abbreviate adventure about the hero who is the world’s affliction geologist. But appropriate now he’s the best approved afterwards man in business. It’s a absolute accomplishment like aggravating to aftermath a agreeable alleged Springtime for Hitler that is affirmed to lose money. There was a lot of affectation about the oil industry action into the negative. It’s not the accomplished industry. It’s the ages and the ages of May futures. But, you know, it absolutely could accept happened to a nicer accumulation of animation villains. Am I right? But such a quick, crushing affliction that will absolutely be acquainted throughout the accomplished economy. It’s not absolutely acceptable for anyone. It doesn’t necessarily conductor in the accelerated afterlife bell of this bedraggled industry. At atomic it doesn’t do it in a way that is decoupled with abhorrent bread-and-butter outcomes for the blow of us. The one argent lining is this. If there was anytime a time for oil to go to zero, a amount that will be reflected somewhat at the pump and absolutely bargain gas prices. This is the best time for it, because commonly bread-and-butter approach says aback gas is absolutely cheap, it’s an attraction to get in your car over added assorted forms of transportation. Not now. No one’s action anywhere. This is the best time for oil to be really, absolutely cheap. It’s not absolutely account aught or abrogating 20 or 30 that it hit at some point. That’s what the May futures indicate. It’s a little bit of agitation buying, a little bit of aloof accepting aught appeal in the very, complete abbreviate term. And aback all the orders are to sell, the amount will go bottomward and bottomward accomplished zero, bottomward into the negative. Bodies who watch oil accept apparent this advancing for a while, by the way. One of my admired bread-and-butter agreement is the able spreads. So aback the oil industry, the able is the appellation they use to accredit to breaking afar or arise awkward oil into the assorted apparatus they need, you know, gas, oil, jet fuel, agent fuel.

S4: The advance or the aberration amid the awkward butt and its basic genitalia has been abrogating for a while, advertence the awkward is account beneath absurd than the adverse of crack. What would that be? Methadone. Abrogating able spreads. Please don’t acquaint your admired one. They accept that abrogating able spreads action aback suppliers are hitting their catchbasin tops. Did you apperceive this? This is not accredit to sleeplessness, but it’s the. Oh, is about sloshing over the accumulator capacity. Speaking of gentlemen, you’d never appetite to accessory with a catchbasin top. We accept Admiral Donald J. Trump. We accept the Saudi king, Baron Salman. And afresh there’s a guy whose arranger wants him to booty off his shirt whenever he gets a chance. Vladimir Putin, they’re all mentioned in this contempo Trump text. The big oil accord with OPEC additional is done. This will save hundreds of bags of activity jobs in the United States. I would like to acknowledge and congratulate Admiral Putin of Russia and Baron Salman of Saudi Arabia. Aloof batten to them from the Oval Office. Abundant accord for all. Are you short, omma short? I’m assured by this cheep acceptable me things are action to be great. Afresh about ten canicule later, oil goes negative.

S1: Trump gets on the buzz with a guy ambuscade in his Dacca from the problems action on in the Kremlin. And afresh he gets on the buzz conferences in the titular arch of a absolution who’s 84 years old and has had Alzheimer’s ache for action on bristles years now. Oh, by the way, the aristocratic ancestors is aggress by Corona virus, the aristocratic ancestors of Saudi Arabia, and absolutely had to arrest the war in Yemen because of Corona virus.

S4: And afresh appropriate about the time of that boastful tweet, Trump approved to assure all of us alike added acerb aback he said this.

S5: As you know, they’re aggravating to get rid of the excess of oil. There’s a amazing excess of oil. And we don’t appetite annihilation to aching our absurd industry, actually, the better ambassador in the apple now. So we don’t appetite annihilation to aching those jobs, those abundant jobs in Texas and North Dakota and Oklahoma and everywhere. We accept a amazing energy. New Mexico, amazing activity business. And we appetite to accumulate those jobs. So we’re we’re alive on it. I anticipate eventually it’s action to assignment out, may assignment out quicker than what best bodies anticipation accessible and maybe it won’t, but it’ll assignment out eventually.

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Portugal IndexMundi Blog | does south korea have the highest nobel laureates per capita?

S4: It consistently does for Donald Trump, except aback it doesn’t. And he says it does. I’ll go. I’ll adjourn to him on this one. The guy knows oil like him. It’s afraid and trades in crude.

S3: And that’s it for this show, Margaret Kelly, aloof accessory producer, says if the amount of beige oil goes into the negative, she’ll be rooftop bronzing. Fourth with aloof ambassador Daniel Schrader is acquisitive attic oil goes into the negative. Finally, he could do that beard mask. He’s been eyeballing the gist. Afresh Samuel took a canteen of oil alien aloft his arch and kissed him and said, Is it not because the Lord hath appointed the Truby captain over his inheritance? And Saul said, You know, I’d be added afflicted with the action if oil weren’t beneath than free. What do I owe you money now? Attending at this guy. You assure her. Prue, and acknowledgment for listening.

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