Economic Home Remodeling Design: High Ceiling and Inner Courtyard

If you have planned to do a home remodeling design, you might want to take a look at this following example. We are going to learn more about the remodeling by looking at a beautiful house located in Burlingame, California. The house is located on the slope, therefore the first challenge faced by Klopf Architecture, is to create an even terrain for the entire building.

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The plan in building the house is to provide a comfortable living space on a single story room. Therefore, the architects decided to create a high ceiling with no ceiling cover, leaving the roof support visible inside the home remodeling design ideas. They also make an inner courtyard as surrounded by the other building. This yard is equipped with two seating area comprising of modern chairs and bamboo chairs. There are also several decorative plants put together with the pebbles. This open space uses wooden materials to cover the floor.

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Surrounding the center courtyard, we can find several functional rooms such as bedroom, living room, study, and the kitchen. The living area uses wooden floor as combined with geometric rug to cover the floor. It has a low cabinet made out of wooden slats to place the large telly. Next to the telly, there is an old lounge chairs covered in brown leather. The living room is also accompanied with a traditional fireplace placed next to the L-shaped sofa.

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The kitchen and study is integrated into one. It emphasizes on the all white furniture in order to improve the spaciousness of the room. This room is connected with the yard through a sliding glass doors. The study room, however, utilizes a long desk with three chairs. On top of it, we can find a desk lamp, a telephone, a personal computer, and a statue. Above it, there are four small paintings hung on the wall. The home office remodeling design paint ideas suggest you to apply white in all of your furniture.

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