Elegant Traditional Kitchen Design: Adopting Pretty Nordic Styles

Nordic style has long been known as a traditional kitchen design. It employs unfurnished floor to improve the abandoned impression. The furniture may varies, but mostly it is made out of wood. In the center of the room we can find a long dining table made out of unfurnished wood. It is surrounded by plastic chairs as well as wooden chairs. Above it, there is an old hanging lamps with stainless steel caps. The kitchen wall is covered by natural stone without any painting or wallpaper.

Nordic kitchen does not always mean to be an old one. A modern design can be seen from this following picture. The floor is covered by hardwood flooring, while the traditional kitchen design ideas employ all white furniture to decorate the interior. It also use modern wallpaper with cream base and dark brown accent. In terms of lighting, the kitchen uses wall lamp as well as modern chandeliers hung above the dining set. It is also equipped with a thin rug placed under the dining table.

When your lot is small, you can have the kitchen, living room, and study room integrated in one place. However, each of them is located on different level inside the house. The kitchen counters and cabinets are put inside the wall which supports the living room. Transparent half wall employed in this house in order to provide unlimited sight for the residents. You can employ round table for dining surface.

Kitchen island is also important in decorating your room. You can place the kitchen counters along the room’s length. Above it, it would be better if you apply transparent glass window, so that the residents could cook and enjoy the garden view at the same time. Since there have been many counters inside, a cabinet would not be that necessary. The lighting are hung above the kitchen island. The traditional kitchen interior design ideas show that you can actually combine it with modern furniture.

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