Excellent Kid Room Design According to Your Kids Choice and Favorite

A cheerful kid room design can be made through mixing various colors into one room theme. In making this room, you have to identify first about how old your child is, what his/her hobbies, and what activities they do most. Those criteria will determine the room style that you should make. You can also ask about their opinion about what kind of room do they want. This is important because the purpose is to make your child happy, isn’t it?

Kid room design ideas are about combining each part such as the room’s themes, colors, and furniture. If you have already decided what theme you will make, next step is determining the room’s colors. Yellow is a neutral color that can be applied for girls or boys. This can be incorporated with the white, red, green, or blue, up to your preferences. To place the carpet on the room’s floor will also give warmth for the entire room. Hanging lamps will turn the kid’s bedroom into the stylish one.

We should choose the right furniture too. Furniture have to be safe and comfortable. Bed is the most important furniture that we must notice. There are double or single bed, you can decide it according to your child’s needs. The studying desk and bookshelf will complete the room decorations. Those furniture should be arranged according to the room layout. To leave some empty floor space will be useful because sometimes kids love to play on the ground.

Wall decoration is another major matter that we have to plan. The decoration comes from various design. There are abstract or geometry design. You can also create a picture of your kid’s favorite heroes or characters. For examples are the Spiderman’s drawing, Superman, Hulk, Mickey Mouse, etc. To give butterfly, frog, or bear decor can also make it attractive. These kid bedroom design ideas are so inspiring.

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