Exotic Villa in Bali Sporting Traditional Style with Natural Elements

If you are planning to visit the Island of Gods in Indonesia, this villa in Bali would be the perfect place to stay. Named as Bambu Indah Resort, this villa resort will truly make your stay in this exotic tropical island totally memorable. Besides, its accommodation can be said one of the best too, which certainly will comfort your during your relaxing holidays spent here.

Appealing Villa Bali Exterior Design With White Foamy Lounge Chairs On Concrete Deck And Rectangle Blue Outdoor Pool

What makes this villa resort spectacular is its exotic traditional style that employs the natural elements generously. Well, just take a look at this picture, which certainly will make you stunned with the meet of natural materials with lush environment of the famous and peaceful Ubud. This combination certainly will make this place totally comfortable and refreshing to live in, thus it becomes overrated to call this exotic resort as the best villa in Bali.

Astounding Villa Exterior Design In Bali With Minimalist Outdoor Living Space On Granite Deck And Flat Pergola

Let’s jump into the Udang House, which offers you the totally extraordinary experience to enjoy during your stay here. Its thick transparent glass flooring exposes the beautiful blue water of a shrimp pond. This one-in-a-lifetime experience certainly may help enhancing the comfort of this villa, which is created by the abundance of warm natural color as well. We simply adore its wooden interior and the gorgeous cozy bed with simple white canopy to make this villa totally perfect for you to rest in its warm interior.

Captivating Living Room Design Along With Upholstered Foamy White Sofa And Small Square Puff On Moroccan Area Rug

Its exotic and traditional approach spectacularly integrates the outdoor bathroom with the lush greeneries. As bathing time can be one of the most relaxing and refreshing moments you can have, this villa resort certainly knows what to do. Showering in fresh outdoor space where the warm sun light to lighten up the space and greeneries to freshen up the atmosphere, this experience certainly will make us not to hesitate to call it the best villa in Bali Ubud where you have to visit for your holidays.

Captivating Villa Bali Exterior Design With Luminous Dull Garden Lamps And Rustic Home Architecture

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