Expensive Home Interiors Design of an American Basketball Athlete

It prices $16 million of an American basketball athlete, Michael Jordan’s dwelling which contains stunning home interiors design within this seven acres lot. Number 23 greets every guest on this big house front gate. It seems to get into a green forest since the lush verdant is nicely growing on the home yard. The living room sounds so eclectic with many styles of decors enlivening the inner spaces. Artistic and modern designs fill up the functional area with the elegance of precious furniture and decorations.

Starting from this spacious sitting room, cheerful but elegant massive carpet covers the under feet ground of the fashionable chairs. Dark leatherette seats are the best mate for the carpet color. Floor to ceiling glazed windows lighten up this room with the natural sun light through the translucency. The quirky tall decors prove the height of the ceiling is not reachable. The warm atmosphere radiates from the modular wall lamps. They support the lighting of this house interiors design especially in the night.

Ornamented wall offers a gradual architecture design upon this private sitting area. L-shaped sofa gives the delicate treat for enjoying the latest high-tech entertainment. Exploring into the open air design, the eyes are surprised by very large green garden. It feels like to see a paradise in this home; a semi-natural pond fills the big ground niche among the green view.

Back to the indoor spaces, a private basketball area has its own space to accommodate this house owner sporting the game for his passion. This house conveys many sitting rooms with stylish and fashionable sitting furniture. Even one of them can be the best place for gathering his basketball team with the dramatic, luxuries and magnificent interior. it is a classy living cave that may inspire to have house interiors design ideas from the famous international athlete.

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