Exquisite Modern Kitchen Room Designs with Various Color Scheme

Italian kitchen designer studio Snaidero has created some designs of modern kitchen room that is fancy enough to be applied in a modern house in an urban area. These kitchen rooms come with their own color scheme and room arrangement to create an enough room to move efficiently.

The first kitchen area has a modern kitchen room design created by considering the airy room concept that can also hold a dining area inside it. So the designer came up with an idea to sink some kitchen appliances in the wall along with its big refrigerator. It is a very brilliant idea since the kitchen area then only left a kitchen set and a kitchen island to be put on the room. Those kitchen appliances comes in a bright yellow color that is sunken in a wall with light colored wooden clad. The wooden materials also used and resulting in wooden ceiling. The kitchen set also has a yellow kitchen cabinet with the combination of grey storages.

The next picture provides us with a small kitchen area in a rustic interior design. Two carpets with a pattern that makes the looks stained showed the interior rusticity along with the rough texture of concrete walls and concrete columns. Among those rustic elements, there lay a modern kitchen set with its stunning red cabinet and a grey kitchen appliance all in a shiny colors. The neat look of the kitchen cabinet and appliances is very contrast with the rusticity of the interior. That is what makes this become a unique kitchen room.

Another kitchen area is placed in the corner of a room which is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows. That is why this kitchen is inundated in light. Exploiting the abundant light in the room, the kitchen mainly use wooden clad to be applied in its modern kitchen island, storages, and appliances. However its kitchen cabinet comes in a metallic color that wonderfully reflect the light inside this area which is also become a modern kitchen and dining room design with existence of a dining furniture set inside this very same room.

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