Exquisite Warm Interior Design Applied with Contemporary Design

Implementing warm interior design inside a modern residence in an urban city or even in a suburban house is very important to make the occupants feel cozy inside the house. Some visualization of interior designs are made by Vietnamese design studio called Koj. They show their warmth to improve the coziness of the room. All of the warm room designs are provided inside a contemporary home design.

Wooden material bathed this warm living room with its charming texture and natural pattern. The wooden floor boosts up the appearance of the contemporary furniture inside this living room. There is a bulky grey sofa that faces towards a contemporary coffee table. It looks like the coffee table was made from repurposed wooden pallet equipped with some small wheels. There is also a big wooden compartment that holds up some storage inside it. This wooden compartment also provides a wooden desk at the corner of the room accompanied by a sleek wooden chair.

A bedroom area with a king sized bed is placed behind the wall near the wooden desk. This room has an opening on its wall that connects it with the living room. On that opening, some house decors are put to adorn the house. To enliven this contemporary house, some paintings are utilized by attached it on the bedroom and also on the living room.

Kitchen area of this house also has plush wooden element with its wooden cabinet. Its kitchen set combines the natural pattern of the woods with a neat look of white countertop and kitchen storage. The kitchen set is quite small since it only used a small space at the corner of the house with a little window as its main source of light but it is enough to illuminate this kitchen room. Those all wooden elements is very important in applying warm interior design ideas inside this contemporary residence.

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