Fabulous Black and White Interior in Unique Flooring and Purple Accent

When you like the two-toned room decorations, this black and white interior will be suitable for you. This apartment was designed by Geometrix Design. They created a unique room interior using those two colors. Purple color accents are also used for some parts. We will start the tour from its living room. This room is spacious that can accommodate many guests there. One attractive design here is the flooring decoration. Flooring is designed in black baroque style combined with the white.

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Unique flooring won’t be amazing with the proper room interior. Because a pattern had been chosen for the flooring, architect created a sleek and plain decoration for the other interior parts. Only two colors which is the black and the white. Ceiling is in white color whereas curtain is in black. Actually this curtain also consists of the white layer inside the black outer. This black and white interior design is so artistic, isn’t it?

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To make it have a focus, purple accent is added within the room. Purple is applied for the single chair placed on the edge of the room. This chair is located near the long white sofa. Black decoration comes from its shelving and lamps. Some walls are also in black color. If we go into another room, we will find a round dining table made from transparent black glass material. This table is surrounded by the white chairs too. White chandelier is installed above the table.

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To avoid the monotonous design, LED lamp is also arranged at the edge of the room. This will give color that is different with the room scheme. Modern fireplace is also built there to give enough warmth for the residents. Get into the bedroom, this room is decorated in two colors in tranquil design. This apartment is the example of black and white interior design ideas in amazing decorations.

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