Fabulous Contemporary House with Pool and Stunning City View

Luxurious and expensive impression would be happy to greet you in this contemporary house. The architectural design of this house follows trends employed in its residential area. It has to be lavish since the house is located in the celeb’s residential. The two story building offers you with great scenery of the city. At night, you can see the city lights from your very own bedroom. Additionally, it is also complemented with spacious outdoor pool in the back yard.

Even though the front part of the house looks modest and simple, its interior seems so stunning. The front part is guarded by a steel fence. It also has a small garden comprising green grass in the front yard. The exterior wall in this contemporary house design is the form of painted brick wall. It also shows several part of the house which utilizes transparent glass wall. Several decorative plants are put in the front part of the house in order to make it look natural.

Upon entering the hallway, we would be greeted by several artistic furniture. There is a handcrafted chair placed across the entrance door. A huge painting is hung facing the entrance. We can also find floor lamps which is put on top of the natural stone. However, the most iconic furniture lays on the chandelier. You would surely not find such chandelier in any other places since it is a custom order made for this house. Such modern chandelier was designed by Michael Kohn Gallery.

The house has several essential rooms such as the living room, dining room, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Additionally, it is also complemented by a movie theater. The room is made similar with that of the movie. The front part of the floor is made lower than its back part. It also presents you with long comfortable couch. Such beautiful contemporary house design ideas would also be very suitable for you who love to do sports on a gym.

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