Fantastic Home Patio in A Residence Near the Breathtaking Sea Scenery

Outdoor living space such as the home patio will be so useful to complete the home’s facilities. By using the patio, we can enjoy the house surrounding and get relax there. Moreover, if the house is located among the breathtaking scenery, patio will play a big role for the whole house. In this chance, we have an observation of the amazing house near the sea landscape. Greenery and vegetation are filled the environment. There are also some pictures taken by Brad Thom. Let’s have a tour!

Front facade of the house is decorated in black scheme. Black comes from the pillars, beams, walls, and the wide glass windows. Green grass is grown at its front courtyard. At the side of the building, we can see a terrace without roofing. Sofas and some chairs are also placed there. This terrace can be used for multipurpose. You can socialize with friend here, talk and have dialog with family, or just read the newspaper and drink tea or coffee. This is so relaxing, isn’t? To see another home patio ideas, let’s get into the house.

Outdoor swimming pool is built at the other side of this residence. It is constructed among the garden filled with many trees and greenery. If we look further, we will see the the quiet sea scenery over the grown trees. Besides this pool, there is also patio in wood flooring. A gazebo lies there to complete the design where you can relax and enjoy the weather. Long lounge chairs are place below the gazebo’s umbrella.

Interior design is one thing that we should notice too. Bright and open plan concept are applied for this home design. The kitchen for example, is designed in glossy white cabinet completed with some transparent acrylic stools. Dining room is constructed in open design with the vines decoration. In this house with amazing home patio design ideas, there is also living room built in white decoration.

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