Fantastic Modern Apartment Design: Working in a Hidden Chamber

Entering this modern apartment design, we would directly be greeted by all white furniture. The choice of bright painting is very suitable to keep the apartment room looks more spacious. It would also give sleek and clean design. However, the residents have extra responsibility in maintaining the house so that it would look clean every time. This apartment is presented by Polinova Paul, a world ranked interior designer. He tried to give a spacious area for his client and his small family.

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The apartment plan is quite simple; there are public room where the households are allowed to receive guests and all. And there is a private room to keep the residents from noisy surroundings. The color arrangement is adjusted with the room division. The public area utilizes bright white color. Meanwhile, the private area is painted in more vibrant color. It is important to increase the warm impression brought by each room inside the modern apartment design ideas.

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Let’s take a look at the bedroom design. Its wall is painted in dark and light brown. Meanwhile, the tile is covered by yellowish ceramic tile. The kid’s room is equipped with desk, meanwhile the master bedroom has telly cabinet in it. It also has a walk-in wardrobe and a hidden working space. The office’s wall is decorated with wallpaper with geometric pattern. It consists of comfortable working chair and a desk. As a decoration, we can find a yellow painting hung on the side of the wall.

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The living room, however, utilizes all white impression. It uses bright wooden materials to cover the floor. It also has a floor lamp with beautiful curve extended above the love seat. This room is quite simple, it does not employ too much furniture. You can only find a seating area complemented with white coffee table and a dark colored rug. This modern apartment living room design is also equipped with ceiling integrated lamps.

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