Fantastic Modern Home Interior in Perfect Blending of Room Decoration

In this era, the modern home interior is getting popular and becomes people’s favorite. The modern design has been applied in many of today’s architectural projects. Now, we will discuss about modern interior to create a cozy living space. Whether it is apartment, house, or a resort, every place has the concept that can be applied as necessary. These designs are masterpieces coming from PavelVetrov.

Adorable Monochrome Dining Room Interior Design With Stylish Pendant Lamp And High Back Laminate Chairs Around

The first design has a monochromatic room scheme. Color used in this interior design are the grey and vivid decorations. Living room has the plain grey sofa combined with the patterned carpet. The carpet looks so obvious under the sofa. Therefore, architects put the plain sofa so that the colors will not overlapping with the carpet features. Long subtle curtains are installed on the wall behind the sofa. White layer also completes the decoration of this wide windows. Modern home interior design in monochrome color can be so attractive, right?

Amusing Eat In Kitchen Decor Ideas In Monochrome Black And White Color Scheme Along With Sectional Kitchen Island Aside

After looking at the grey room, we will also see interior decorated in white and brown wood concept. Grey sofa lies on the edge of the living room. Below the sofa, there is carpet in bright color scheme. This color is different with the brown wooden flooring. Bright carpet is chosen to make a good combination for the ground. Decorative stuff play a big role in making a good design. These are the ceramic pot with red flower accessories at the corner of the room. Wooden shelving has a bold accent among the white wall.

Astonishing Bright Living Room Interior Design With Large Dark Grey Fur Area Rug And Open Bookshelves Wall Unit

At the other side of the room, there is small corner used as the working room. There is wooden desk completed with the white chair. A white table lamp also lies above the table to give enough light. Two sofas are placed near the windows so that the residents can enjoy the outdoor scenery. Plant decoration will always work in creating a fresh ambiance. Modern home interior design plans can be made in simple or complex application.

Astounding Black White Living Room Design With Upholstered Chesterfield Sofa And Decorative Polka Area Rug

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