Flashy Penthouse Designs Balcony with a very Cozy and Stirring Balcony Terrace

Ones has amazingly formed a very flashy penthouse designs for a trendy modern penthouse in Tel Aviv, Israel. The penthouse was actually the top three levels within the W Tower and surrounded by an abundance of city buildings. One stirring balcony terrace was designed as soul for this residence, since through the terrace the owner apparently could enjoy their time while pamper their selves with beautiful city landscape. Besides a very enchanting terrace, the design for each room inside the penthouse was amazingly well-developed and mature.

For the balcony terrace, sturdy wooden floors and sleek glass facades appear as the main vibe. The white comfy sofas, colorful cushions and white coffee table dramatically enhance the homey ambiance for the terrace. Moreover, the arrangement for the double living room also successfully demonstrates one of the most trendy and lavish penthouse interior design ideas implementation. High ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, soft white curtains, white modern sofas, and dark wooden floors are the best part of it which represents the beauty of contemporary design.

The modern dinning room and kitchen were also designed in a very sleek open space concept. White still becomes the main hue for each element such as the white chunky chairs, white longitudinal dinning table, and even white kitchen cabinets. And maybe the next stirring design after all was about the breezy indoor pool. With wooden deck and a very firm longitudinal pool, the atmosphere is so refreshing and the owner could chill their selves when they get tiring days.

Another room such as bedroom was also formed very charming and contemporary. Overall, this modern and luxurious dwelling successfully demonstrates the best side of sleek modern design, thus it will undeniably become one of the most engaging and recommended decorating ideas for penthouses with its design accentuates on the existence of lovely balcony terrace as a soul for the residence.

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