Folded Dining Table Design for Limited and Stylish Dining Room

The use of dining table design in home depends on the dining room decorations. In some houses, the limited space has made the designer combines the dining room with kitchen or living room. Those room combinations will obscure the special atmosphere of a dinner intimacy. Because of the limited space and user needs, many designers have created dining table with many expandable design to indulge the user needs. This article will review several ideas of those tables.

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There are many kinds of table with expandable system. You can apply these dining table design ideas in your home with limited space. The first one, this table is a simple cabinet. It is made from woods with three drawers in the slight side. There are two boards on its left and right side with portable legs. With this design, this furniture can be a slim cabinet but also a stylish and functional dinner table.

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Many designers have developed the expandable table design. This table has three different longs. It is a common wooden table with about one meter wide. But if we pull it, the table will has a half longer with uneven top with chevron sides. If you need longer top, you just pull it a side once more. There will be a lengthwise wooden table. Many other tables have similar system, but they don’t have the chevron sides. The designer hides the additional side in the middle. When the users pull the table from both sides, they can find the board and make this table has longer top.

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Limited room force designer to create a dining table without make the room looks always crowded. Pultab Design has created a kind of wall mounted dining table. The designer hides the folding table on the wall. If the users want to use it, they just pull the board down and voila, there is a dining table there. But if you have a dining table, you are still allowed to have this stylish dining table collection for your home.

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