Glorious Bookshop Design in Medieval Cathedral Building at Zwolle

An interesting bookshop design will determine the coziness of this kind of public space. It will also affect the visitor’s mood. A good design will attract more people to come. This is a good point for the store and the business itself. Room decoration is an important matter. The more attractive it is, the more people will come. Now, we will discuss about interesting bookstore that has the decoration from the 15th Century Church.

This interior was designed by BK Architecten. The name of the store is the Waanders in de Broeren that has location is in Zwolle, Netherlands. At previous, this building is a medieval cathedral that was transformed into beautiful book place. Glass windows are in stained design that becomes the original construction of the cathedral. High vaulted ceiling becomes the construction of this building. This makes the medieval decoration so strong inside this bookshop design ideas.

Light brown and white become the interior painting of this bookstore. Big pillars are also constructed at the side of this wide rooms. This will strengthen the building and add the antique accent. Many staircases connect each floor. This staircase is designed in grey color with glass railing. At the top of its railing is completed with the wooden handgrip. The flooring has black color and some parts layered using the grey carpet.

On the ground floor, we will find many of book shelves and boxes made in dark brown wooden materials. Books are arranged neatly in many blocks. This is intended to make the customer easy to find every book that they want. The store arrangement is tidy from its ground into the top floor. At the ceiling, there are many lamps installed to give enough lighting. This lamp sparks the entire room and gives elegant ambiance. These bookstore design ideas will make you amazed and become an obligatory place to visit for the book lovers!

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