Glorious Indoor Lighting Creating Significant Effect for Elegant Room

In designing the home interior, indoor lighting is one of major things that we should notice. Lighting will much affected the room design. Without good lighting, interior can’t be seen well. A great combination between furniture and wall decoration will be useless. Yan Yanming, a talented architect designed house in incredible lighting. Creating an impressive home in Chinese tone is really amazing. Be ready to take the tour inside the house.

Get into the living room, this space has an elegant design. Indoor lighting design creates shades at the edge of the wall. Furniture is arranged by using the long sofa above the rectangular grey carpet. A wide flower painting is attached on the wall behind the sofa. These flowers on the painting has strong accent in decorating the room. While sofa lies next to the painting, TV screen is located across this seat. Flower vase decoration also makes a fresh ambiance within the room. If we look at the ceiling, light creates a bright line on its surface.

Dining room is designed in formal atmosphere. Lighting still gives a glamor accent for the whole area. Table is placed at the center of the room. At the side of the wall, there is black shelf where we can put many stuff such as the sculpture, ceramic, vase, and so forth. Room is decorated in neutral color in the similar scheme. This makes the room looks attractive, yet elegant.

Bedroom is so tranquil. Bed has brown and white beige colors. Painting is mounted on the wall at the back of the bed. Hanging lamps in bubble shape decorating the room above the small cabinet. Bathroom has the similar scheme as the bedroom. White bathtub and washbasin bar blend perfectly with the grey stripes marble. Wall and floor are built in the same material. Indoor lighting design ideas make a big impact within this house.

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