Gorgeous Open Plan Living Room with Wooden Panels in Dark Nuance

Many people are interested to apply the open plan living room in their home. This home plan is really suitable for house with limited room space. But actually, many designers also plenty apply this concept for spacious rooms. This concept is not only making the room looks wider, but also obscuring each functional area. Having a house with this concept will make you free to gather your families of friends while sitting inside both areas at the same time.

ArtemLazarev has designed an apartment with this concept. If you are searching for some open plan living and dining room pictures, of course you will find it on Google. This spacious apartment has warm tones with the plenty installations of woods. It has L-shaped room with living room in the more spacious area, and the dining room inside the other area. The designer doesn’t install any separator walls between them.

They have similar decorations. The designer uses ivory as the walls tone with the dramatic lighting on the edges. But for warmer look, the living room has deep varnish wooden panel with stone wall on a side. Woods spread out on the entire floor. White furry rug covers up the living room floor and make it feels actually warm. Cream sectional sofas with plain and stripes blue pillows harmoniously decorate the area and face to the wooden wall with fireplace in front of it.

The dining area has a little bit different tone. With the same ceiling and wooden floor, the designer adds glossy blue cabinets as the color accents. The glass wall with white shades make the area looks brighter with natural light. This area has white small dining table that suits for four people. Glass chandeliers also decorate the area beautifully. Books with plates shelves stand between those areas and the occupants can use the shelves from both dining and living room. Those are some living dining room ideas that will be easy to apply.

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