Gracious Contemporary Interior Design with its Bold Color Scheme

Engaging a contrast color scheme on its inside look, this house exhibit a great contemporary interior design that really catch our attention. Its bold color scheme adorns the house in a straight line and simple home design. Those features are employed in a beautiful private house that is developed by KUOO Architects. This architectural company has created this house in Netherlands and successfully shows its great black and white color scheme.

That kind of color scheme become one of contemporary interior design ideas that can be seen on the dining area that is placed adjoin with a kitchen are of this contemporary house. Black becomes the backdrop color of the dining area’s wall. On the corner of that wall, there is a unique fireplace on top of a contemporary vanity desk that lining the wall on its bottom. The fireplace is accompanied with a square shaped chimney adorned with wooden clad. That wooden clad gives a light tone on this black scheme area. A black dining furniture set is also used fitted with the black wall backdrop. We can see a black dining table that gives three seating in black dining chairs.

There are some house decors placed in the dining area such as those salt and peppers in a set of decorative containers that are put on top of the table. There are also some black pendant lights hanging above the dining furniture set. While the black color scheme adorns the dining area, the white one brims the kitchen area with its bright color. Kitchen cabinet and kitchen storage are brightly designed to suit with the wall backdrop.

The white wall backdrop goes along to the living room that also placed in the same room with the dining area and the kitchen area. All of those areas are embellished with similar light wooden flooring that its color enhances the black and white color scheme. Contemporary interior design ideas for living rooms applied in this room are quite simple with its round wooden coffee table and a decorative black table lamp that looks stand out from a white wall.

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