Groovy Small Apartment Design Showing a Cozy Home in Humble Design

This small apartment design is s brilliant brainchild to support urban living lifestyle. First impression to see this lounge is the taste of groovy interior. Vivid color of the citrus sofa resembles a big beanbag for more than one person to seat. In-wall unit multifunction shelves are a nice backdrop behind this sitting space. The sofa is getting more vibrant with the abundant natural light from the glass door beside.

From a bird snap shoot, a round table of the dining furniture gives an ease flow around this area. The lemons on the fruit case seem to be the stylish ottoman color-mother. Mesh backed chairs presents nice mates for the marble round table. Wire nets of the chair-back supports this minimalist space with the light and wiry appearance. It enhances the small apartment design ideas in this eating area.

Swirling pendant lamp cascades down from the ceiling. The tiny cable wire looks as if invisible thus makes the white lamp seen as a floating bees hive. Take a detail look on the small kitchen cabinetries. A smart design reveals an artistic arrangement that serves this cooking zone wall decors and storages in the same matter. Books and planters show that it is the best place for them to stay and decorate the interior. Moreover, submerged lighting livens up the advanced illumination style and rewards a good looking on this cooking area.

Capturing the setting from a bird point of view of a sitting space, an L-shaped sofa provides a delicate seat for every guest or dweller to loaf sometime. Beautiful pendant lamps fit the air with three different sizes. Colorful books on the sideboard help to embellish the neutral-colored room. Abstract paintings also exhibit the bright charm upon the white sofa. Further exploration, the treasure of the small apartment interior design ideas may please the eyes with more amazing styles.

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