Impressive Futuristic Home Design with an Amazing Interior Design

Do not get stuck in the past and move on to embrace tomorrow is what these illustrations of futuristic home design. The new era will define a new meaning of housing therefore a new generation house design is also needed. Some great examples of new style in a housing project that were developed by Nordes and Bozhinovski Design are presented below.

Here the first futuristic house design is designed by a sudio from Rusia, Nordes. It is a monochromatic house with white bright room and a touch of black color in some of its interior design. Irregular forms of walls are incorporated in this home, even the designers from the studio itself said that a deconstructed origami is the concept that underlies futuristic home design ideas of this project.

It can be seen on the illustration that the futuristic furniture applied in this house is also has the same characteristics with the walls. Complex formation of bold and straight lines creates a cutting edge furniture design implemented inside this house. It is showed on a living are that is furnished by a white coffee table that has some multi-layered parts with cantilevered feature. A single seating black sofa with a cubical form also adorns this living room along with a black rug on a granite floor.

Another illustration comes from the other futuristic house that is designed by Bozhinovski Design and located in Bulgaria. This house employs a complex geometrical pattern on its walls that is beautifully patterned to create a great texture on the walls. By the help of house lighting effect, the walls get its texture. Futuristic furniture also furnished the house with its white color scheme. Wooden floor is combined with the presence of marble flooring in creating an imaginary territorial space to put all of the different furniture set. Those are great futuristic house design ideas that you can find in those two houses.

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