Joyful Kid Bedroom in Colorful Interior Design and Chic Features

You maybe think about designing the kid bedroom. Your kids need their own space to develop creativity or do the school homework. Room is an important part to support the growth of the children. Therefore, to built a comfortable room is a good idea. Now, we have some references about chic and colorful bedroom design for kids. There are many styles that you can choose according to your kid’s favorite. Here we go.

The collection comes from Colombini Casa. They have an attractive and inspiring room ideas. The first kid bedroom design is about the fresh combination between the white and blue decoration. Light blue creates a bright accent among the room. Blue is applied for the shelves and wall decorations. Stripes wall is also built behind the white bed. Blue pillows and bedcover also complete the coziness above the bed. At the ceiling, a helicopter toy is hung that can be seen when kid is going to sleep.

About the previous bedroom, if your child doesn’t like the blue color, you can also change it into orange, yellow, green, pink, and so on. When you want to add more colors, the combination between light green and purple will turn the room into the chic features. Addition of the white wall as its paint base will blend those two colors. Blue can make room becomes boyish, so it is better to mix it with another colors too.

Bed is the focal point of a bedroom. Therefore, the bedcover feature is one thing that we should notice. A polkadot bedcover will be a good complement for the plain wall. To put wallpaper in particular pattern is another way to make an appealing spot within the bedroom. Incorporation between calm colors will transform the room into great scheme. For example is the blue decoration in different brightness. These kid bedroom design ideas in blues will be completed by the light brown wooden material.

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