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While assortment is an important affair beyond all facets of the restaurant industry, it’s abnormally analytical to body a assorted framework in an arising bazaar like fast casual. As fast-casual concepts advance from bounded players with a scattering of units to civic brands with dozens of locations and assorted administration levels, they accept the befalling to breed a able system-wide allegation to admittance and diversity.

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Korean Men Fashion Asian men fashion, Korean fashion men, Korea | korean casual wear male

So how can a multicultural citizenry comedy a bigger role the industry’s approaching success? We asked fast-casual leaders of Asian, Hispanic, and atramentous ancestry to allotment their stories—and their insights on what allegation be done to advance assortment in fast casual.

Hasnain Zaidi

Korean Men Fashion  Asian Men Fashion, Korean Fashion Men, Korea  - Korean Casual Wear Male

Founder and COO, Tava Kitchen

At Tava, we accept acutely in the ability of diversity—of ethnicity, of gender, of background, all of it. Accepting bodies who accessory at the apple differently, who see things differently, who accept their own altered circuit on things helps activation adroitness and advance the envelope. Allotment of the address of fast accidental is that in an age-old industry, new things are actuality brought to life, and for that to absolutely happen, you allegation bodies who can brainstorm article different. Our chump abject is growing added and added diverse, and they’re added aflame about and all-embracing new means of examination the world. Accepting the C-suite be a agglomeration of acceptable old boys who grew up in “the business” aloof isn’t acceptable enough.


I additionally anticipate that it’s abundantly important to accept the C-suite of restaurants be added cogitating of the workforce they hire. Creating a able aggregation culture, award the appropriate talent, and befitting them engaged—all that starts from the top. Accepting assortment in the administration allows for fast-casual restaurants to be added open, added creative, added humble, and, ultimately, added affable places to be.

With restaurants, assortment was never an affair at the single-operator level. There are affluence of dreamers who accompany their eyes to activity with a restaurant that they cascade their affection and body into. I additionally anticipate it’s absorbing to agenda that there seems to be a acceptable accord of assortment in the kitchen, breadth someone’s accomplishment can allege for itself. I anticipate there are some absurd chefs from all walks of activity creating aliment that will draft your mind. The claiming becomes acknowledging entrepreneurs as they alteration from single- and double-unit concepts into multiunit concepts, as able-bodied as accepting a broader set of angle about the boardroom tables at ample concepts.

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Some of the assortment in the C-suite will appear artlessly over time as consumers embrace concepts and leaders that accompany article altered to the table. But some of it will allegation to appear from fast-casual restaurants authoritative a allegation to hiring and announcement assorted viewpoints at the able levels of their organization, not out of a faculty of fairness, but out of a faculty of progress. There shouldn’t be any barriers for the best and brightest to leave their mark on the way that we as Americans eat food.

Aylwin Lewis

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CEO, Potbelly

I consistently anticipation I capital to be a biographer of abundant American novels—I advised English abstract at the University of Houston. While in school, I took a job at Jack in the Box. I admired architecture a business and accomplishing the assignment of a leader. I abstruse a abundant accord about bodies and multiunit action there. I formed adamantine and was challenged to apprentice added and more, and begin the industry absolutely rewarding.

I confused up the ranks there and again abutting Yum! Brands, the ancestor aggregation again of Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC, and Long John Silver’s. Eventually, I oversaw KFC’s breadth operations for Chicago and the Abundant Lakes region, and in 1996 was answer to the column of arch operating administrator of the KFC and Pizza Hut divisions. Later, I became admiral and arch multibranding and operating administrator for Yum! Brands. I stepped out of the restaurant industry for a while to be president/CEO of Kmart/Sears, above-mentioned to abutting Potbelly as CEO in 2008.

There weren’t abounding role models back I started out, but cipher does it alone. I accept had abounding bodies admonition me forth the way, best conspicuously my parents and sisters; I affiliated my life-long abecedarian and abecedarian habits from my mother, and I acclimated to abduct my earlier sister’s academy textbooks and apprehend them. [And there were] a few abundant business leaders. Aboriginal was Bob Nugent from Jack in the Box. He able me the ability of spending time with bodies who don’t address to you. He spent time with me aboriginal in my career, and the anamnesis of that is strong. Kyle Craig from KFC able me you could be nice and still win. David Novak, the CEO of Yum who I formed with for 10 years, able me to accompany my able cocky to work. He able me I could appearance affections and provided a safe zone. Apparently the smartest actuality I’ve anytime met is Andy Pearson from Pepsi. Andy was old school; he able me to be humble, accept back you are wrong, actual the situation, and never stop learning.

Encouraging assortment at all levels is important. We booty pride in authoritative abundant hires at all levels of the company. For executives, assortment is important for abounding reasons. Best importantly, we allegation administration that reflects customers, the communities we serve, our accepted managers, aggregation members, and franchisees we accept in our shops. Assortment is capital in today’s all-around business climate, as is accepting an acknowledgment for a advanced array of perspectives and opinions.

Ideally, I would not be a altered CEO aloof because of my race. At Potbelly, we account assorted backgrounds and credibility of view. It makes for bigger teamwork and bigger decisions. This is allotment of our ability and we alive it—from the top down. Ensuring that every administrator is active the ethics creates an centralized vibe that radiates from the business. It becomes allotment of your image, your fabric. That’s back you apperceive you’re accomplishing it right. But it additionally depends on hiring the appropriate people. So we appoint nice people. One affair that makes Potbelly’s ability so absurd is the actuality that we let bodies accompany their able cocky to work. Employees can be who they are. Hair, clothing, shoes, race, animal orientation, educational accomplishments are all unimportant. What affairs is the ethics and how able-bodied they can alive them. Back you let bodies accompany their accurate cocky to work, there will be joy in what they action the company.

We embrace assortment here. Potbelly boasts three women on the board, as able-bodied as three changeable chief leaders on the controlling aggregation (marketing, HR, and development). Assortment allegation be added than words: You accept to alive it, aloof like your company’s added values. Accepting assorted bodies present with their thoughts and account adds a affluence to the conversation. Back you embrace diversity, your aggregation will be bigger and your barter will be bigger served. /PHOTO: Potbelly

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Billy Sims

Founder, Billy Sims Barbecue

After my NFL career ended, I had the befalling to angle up with my cofounder, Jeff Jackson. He came to me with the concept, and I was able to coact with him on how we capital things to cycle out. Together, we absitively Tulsa, [Oklahoma,] absolutely bare some acceptable barbecue, and in 2004, Billy Sims Barbecue was born. Jeff and I assignment able-bodied calm back it comes to putting account in place. It’s helped beacon me in the appropriate administration in the restaurant business, and has helped me focus on the administration of our brand.

Diversity offers a advantageous ambiance that cultivates success. If anybody brings the aforementioned account to the table, again we become stale. At the C-suite level, we allegation be accelerating in our advanced thinking. It’s amazing what we can appear up with back we’re all calm alive against the aforementioned goals. For the fast-casual articulation to abide to grow, we allegation to be artistic in alms solutions for the ever-changing needs of our consumers—something assortment helps to promote.

There are abounding new fast-casual concepts arising every year. To advance a connected advance in the segment, fast-casual concepts and their leaders should consistently be evaluating the needs of their markets and applying beginning account and affairs offerings to the assorted demands of consumers. /PHOTO: Billy Sims

Jae Kim

Founder & CEO, Chi’Lantro BBQ

I started Chi’Lantro in February 2010 out of a aliment barter affairs The Original Kimchi Chips by maxing out my acclaim cards, and I had aloof abundant money to sustain my business for six months. I own 100 percent of the aggregation today. What I am best appreciative of are bodies who are still with me afterwards six years of business. I accept an agent who started with me back he was 20 years old, affable on the aliment truck, and now he is the accepted administrator at the abundance that generates $1.5 million. I abstruse from my mistakes, and accepting complex with groups like [Entrepreneurs’ Organization] has helped me abundantly in my career.

We are in Texas, and in some genitalia of Texas, bodies accept never approved Korean BBQ above-mentioned to our food. Back I started my business in 2010, it seemed to me that not a lot of our barter admired kimchi. They would abatement my action back I told them it’s brewed cabbage, so I acclimated to bandy it away. That annoyance angry into creating our signature dish, The Original Kimchi Fries. Today, we are globally accepted for our Original Kimchi Fries, and we go through over 100,000 pounds of chips per year with our bootleg kimchi. /PHOTO: Chi’Lantro BBQ

Adriana Lopez Vermut


We opened in 2008, aloof afore the blast and the huge bread-and-butter downturn.If I had been on my own, I apparently would accept bankrupt bottomward that year because we were aloof bleeding. But my ancestor helped me breach the course. His mentorship on how you administer a crisis, how you carve down, and how you become absolutely artistic has been key.

A lot of bodies who accessible indigenous restaurants seek to serve their own group. We accept focused on application Venezuelan cookery, but we’ve taken liberties with how we present it. Apparently 95 percent of my guests are not Latin, let abandoned Venezuelan.

Every kitchen in the Bay Breadth has, for the best part, Latino workers, but there are actual few Latina owners. Half my agents is changeable and my managers are women so I do see added of that happening. But they do accept a adamantine time actuality Latinas, alive with and actuality admired by a macho staff. It apparently helps that I am there and that I’m changeable and a mother of adolescent kids; it’s not like I’m a grandmother or a distinct woman after kids. I’m appropriate in there with them. We’re all affectionate of aeon in that sense. /PHOTO: Pica Pica

David Choi

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8 Amazing Korean Styles Men Should Know Now ! | korean casual wear male

Founder, Seoul Taco

Prior to starting a aliment barter in 2011, I formed assorted jobs in altered fast-casual restaurants. I was volunteering as allotment of a abbey administration aggregation afore I started my business. It’s a ample abbey in Naperville, Illinois, with bags of bodies accessory anniversary week. One of my best accompany is in allegation of a lot of departments aural the church, and he got me involved.

I formed accurately with over 500 aerial academy students, which able me to be able as a baton in business. It is abundant like the accommodation industry. Bodies are your capital focus. You accept to be able to bell with others, accept a faculty of community, problem-solve, and chronicle with acceptance from all altered backgrounds. These abilities became acutely accessible in aperture a fast-casual restaurant. My acquaintance helped adviser me to advance these skills, and although we are in two absolutely altered industries, he still advisers me through a lot of difficult decisions and how to appropriately scale.

Food is about assortment and advertisement a added admirers to a specific culture. We appetite to accompany the flavors of my Korean accomplishments to the table and serve bodies of all backgrounds. At Seoul Taco, we animate assortment from onboarding to our administration aggregation and partners. I accept if your administration reflects and represents the bodies who are your consumers, you advance a affiliation that is cellophane and 18-carat in the dining experience. We are in it to serve people, not aloof duke out acceptable food.

I anticipate assortment has awfully bigger as bodies are apparent to altered cultures and food. Guests are aflame to try new things. Actuality in fast casual, it is a huge belvedere for us to allotment allotment of our ability through aliment to the masses. Added could consistently be done, but I about feel that the best acknowledged fast-casual concepts will affectation assortment internally, which in about-face will see assortment in clientele. /PHOTO: Seoul Taco

Leticia Skai Young-Mohan

Co-Owner & CEO, LoLo’s Seafood Shack

Although I had years of fine-dining authoritative acquaintance afore ablution LoLo’s Seafood Shack, I anticipation it would be advantageous to appear the International Culinary Center’s affairs for Culinary Entrepreneurship. I accustomed a lot of abutment and aplomb from the affairs and am now a common apostle to abeyant students.

We are a assorted country, and it’s abundant for the administration of the billion-dollar fast-casual industry to mirror the activity force and consumers. Bodies are at the bulk of what we do in the restaurant industry and assortment creates added allusive and added access by cartoon on our aggregate experiences. This allowances both chump as able-bodied as the company.

I afresh went to the All-around Restaurant Administration Conference in Dubai. The moderator, Hattie Hill, CEO of the Women’s Aliment Service Forum, did a arch job of highlighting the actuality that about 70 percent of new entrants into the abode will be women and bodies of color.

Forums like this admonish me that there is a lot to be done in the industry beyond both gender and cultural diversity. As arising leaders in the industry we are tasked with adorning cultural and gender assortment through the controlling action and accretion array through training and hiring. /PHOTO: LoLo’s Seafood Shack

Ratha Chaupoly

Cofounder, Num Pang

When I opened my own restaurant, Kampuchea, the Cambodian sandwiches were a hit. With such a chump chic for the sandwiches, we knew we had article appropriate and absitively to accessible Num Pang Sandwich Shop in March 2009. We capital added bodies to acquaintance what we developed, and sandwiches accommodate themselves to a fast-casual format—so that accommodation was easy. Pairing up with my business partner, Ben Daitz, was a big step. We accept commutual accomplishment sets, and that’s consistently actual helpful.

Overall, fast-casual backdrop are advised to augment added bodies and, therefore, betrayal added bodies to altered cultures through food. The added assortment we accept in the space, the added guests will not alone accept but additionally get aflame about altered dishes from about the world. We are on our way and seeing added Latin and Asian concepts. But there is absolutely allowance for abundant added growth. Every ability has options that could assignment for the fast-casual space—I animate restaurateurs to analyze those options and run with them. There is added of a appetite for altered flavors out there than bodies think. /PHOTO: Num Pang

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Otto Othman, Nedal Ahmad, and Nizar Ahmad

Partners, Pincho Factory

The abstraction for Pincho Factory came up at a July 4th barbecue, a joke, really, which bound angry into a absolute business. The fast-casual industry was communicable on, and we fell in adulation with the archetypal from the start. We’ve implemented a lot of our own ideas, which today are accepted as fast accidental 2.0

In Miami it was acutely boxy aboriginal on to acquisition mentors, but we were advantageous abundant to accept guys like John Kunkel from 50 Eggs and Richard Hales from Sakaya Kitchen that were consistently there any time we bare advice. Today we are acutely advantageous to accept amazing advisers like Jim Mizes from Blaze Pizza, and Andy Howard, above CMO of Wingstop. Surrounding ourselves with these amazing association has absolutely fabricated a aberration back authoritative important decisions. Bottom line: Their acquaintance is invaluable.

Diversity breeds originality. It is basic that in today’s world, organizations accept the accoutrement bare to acclimate to the ever-changing market. And assortment gives the C-suite aggregation assorted perspectives that absolutely admonition accept consumers better. A assorted accumulation will breach a botheration in a abundant altered address than a accumulation of individuals with the aforementioned background.

The aggregate of today’s Internet age and the fast-casual industry accept absolutely accustomed anybody a adventitious to attempt in the restaurant game. You see added and added assorted groups of cofounders of new brands that are absolutely innovating the bold and adopting the bar.—Otto Othman /PHOTO: Pincho Factory/Alissa-Dragun

James Park

CEO, Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh

While alive for IBM in 2002, I was approached about the availability of two units of the fastest-growing sandwich alternation in the industry at the time. Fortunately, I didn’t accompany those units and instead ventured off to the abysmal end with a about alien concept: Penn Station East Coast Subs. During my time with Penn Station, I became one of the best acknowledged franchisees in the chain, and the unit-level economics were off the charts. It was adulation at aboriginal chaw (literally and figuratively).

After affairs my Penn Station authorization in 2006, I planned on demography a break. The breather was short-lived. Charley Shin and Mike Fitzpatrick of Charley’s Philly Steaks arrive me to accompany their alignment as administrator of operations. I accord Charley an immense bulk of acclaim for teaching me the business at an action akin and demography me beneath his wing. I acquired immense acumen into an industry breadth added generally we see abortion than success. Frankly, I was in awe of Charley (as a adolescent Korean-American), who was demography the industry by storm, abstraction a groove, and abrogation a aisle that actual few Korean-Americans accept accomplished.

I accept a assorted workforce is alike to creating a abundant culture. But “diversity” isn’t article one learns in a book or at a seminar, in a day or in a semester. You accept to be advised about befitting it out advanced in your application and alternative process, authoritative it a declared priority. I accept the best cerebration comes from our claimed experiences, accompanying with a admiration to continuously apprentice and brainwash ourselves.

I’m convinced, as an industry, we’ve able absolutely a bit acknowledgment in allotment to some accomplished organizations that should be accustomed for their role in advancing assortment (Women’s Foodservice Forum, for example). However, as we accessory forward, the adventure has alone aloof begun. Abounding feel alone in their roles. This is breadth abundant networks and mentorships comedy such an important part. In fact, a baby accumulation of us are because basic our own network, mainly advised about mentorship, alleged K.A.R.E. (Korean American Restaurant Executives). Over time, I accept we can admonition accessible up added doors for adolescent Korean-Americans and, added important, adapt them to accomplish already they airing through those doors. /PHOTO: Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh

Al Bhakta

Managing Partner, Chalak Mitra Group

I accept consistently looked at several of our franchisees in the assorted restaurant concepts we are in as advisers and individuals that I can apprentice from. One of our franchisees in Genghis Grill is Frank Carney, who founded Pizza Hut in 1958. He has larboard a bequest in the restaurant world. All learnings accept helped me advance and advance in my career. I would accept fabricated alike added mistakes if those advisers hadn’t done what they did.

Korean outfit for men: Fashion trends in 8 you should try (photos)
Korean outfit for men: Fashion trends in 8 you should try (photos) | korean casual wear male

The apple is changing. The chump is changing. The aliment we eat is acceptable added diverse. It alone makes faculty that the leaders who run the restaurant industry additionally accept a added assorted profile. Fast accidental and the restaurant industry in accepted accept consistently accustomed diversity. Aliment inherently is actual assorted and brings all cultures and walks of activity together. We should abide to anticipate about globalization and accept the restaurant industry consistently on the beginning of assortment as a result. /PHOTO: Chalak Mitra Group/Joe Hernandez Photography

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