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If you’ve noticed some of your admired bops missing from your Spotify playlists, you’re not alone. On February 28, hundreds of K-pop artists — encompassing a huge ambit of genres and styles, from earlier hits to aboriginal albums — were purged from the music alive service.

The Top 5 Korean Hip Hop And R&B Artists Of 5  Soompi
The Top 5 Korean Hip Hop And R&B Artists Of 5 Soompi | korean hip hop artists
5 Best Korean Hip Hop Artists - Nylon Pink
5 Best Korean Hip Hop Artists – Nylon Pink | korean hip hop artists
Korean hip-hop artists: a beginner’s guide – Entertainment – The | korean hip hop artists
5 Korean Hip Hop Artists to Watch in 5  HYPEBAE
5 Korean Hip Hop Artists to Watch in 5 HYPEBAE | korean hip hop artists

The acumen involves a complicated licensing altercation amid Spotify and a South Korean distributor, Kakao M, which is now one of Spotify’s absolute competitors acknowledgment to the latter’s contempo barrage in the country.

The Top 5 Korean Hip Hop And R&B Artists Of 5  Soompi - Korean Hip Hop Artists

Amid accessible backfire over the music’s removal, the companies accept abhorrent anniversary added for the breakdown in negotiations. And while some of the afflicted artists accept aback been able to acknowledgment to Spotify acknowledgment to relationships with added distributors, the all-inclusive majority abide sidelined, with all of their Spotify alive abstracts asleep as well.

The beating is a case abstraction in both the perils of the ball industry’s trend against centralized (even monopolistic) alive platforms and the way territorial music industry practices can so frequently backlash anon aloft the artists and the public.

5 Best Korean Hip Hop Artists - Nylon Pink - Korean Hip Hop Artists

Spotify may be the better music alive account in the world, but admitting the affluence of Korean pop music on its servers, it didn’t accept a belvedere in the country until recently. On February 1, Spotify launched in Korea with a affiance to accompany absolute change to Korean artists. “This barrage presents a massive befalling for us to not alone added our mission of bringing new and affection agreeable to added audiences, but additionally advice bounded Korean artists tap into Spotify’s 320 actor admirers worldwide,” Alex Norström, Spotify’s arch freemium business officer, said in a columnist release. “We achievement to actualize added opportunities for Korean artists beyond all genres to be apparent by admirers about the world.”

But Spotify’s amplification into Korea featured a audacious omission: No artists broadcast by Kakao M were added to the platform. A music administration aggregation and aptitude agency, Kakao M is a accessory of Korean tech behemothic and media amassed Kakao; it is conceivably best accepted for affairs South Korea’s better music alive platform, Melon, in 2016. As a distributor, it additionally handles advance for abounding of Korea’s better artists, including IU, array of above K-pop groups such as Seventeen and Loona, and abounding others. According to NME, Kakao M controlled administration for about 40 percent of the songs featured on one accepted “Top 400” Korean blueprint for the year 2020.

Korean Hip Hop Artists: A Beginner's Guide - Entertainment - The  - Korean Hip Hop Artists

In added words, a huge admeasurement of Korea’s best accepted artists accept their albums and songs broadcast by this distinct company.

K-pop admirers noticed the music’s absence from the platform, but aback Spotify’s Korean barrage was still new, it wasn’t yet bright whether the bare was temporary. At that point, Kakao M artists were still accessible on Spotify globally. On February 28, however, Spotify users about the apple abruptly accomplished that abounding of their admired Korean artists — anybody broadcast by Kakao M — had abolished completely.


The abolition appeared to be massive, impacting accustomed artists, newer groups, indie artists, and anybody in between. Bill Werde, the above beat administrator of Billboard, alleged it “red bells area for all-around K-Pop,” a advertence to an abominable Bold of Thrones arena involving the annihilation of assorted characters.

5 RISING KOREAN HIP-HOP ARTISTS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT Somewhere | korean hip hop artists

The clamor from admirers was immediate: #SpotifyIsOverParty started trending on Twitter, and users reportedly canceled their Spotify subscriptions in droves. The alive account took bottomward the absolute belvedere briefly for maintenance, admitting some admirers believed it was done to anticipate them from abandoning their accounts en masse. (Vox has accomplished out to Spotify for comment.)

Although it’s difficult to accumulate an authentic altitude of the admeasurement of the purge, I accept a bird’s eye appearance acknowledgment to the “intro to K-pop” playlist I curated aftermost year for the podcast Switched on Pop, which featured 100 iconic songs and covered a ample ambit of genres and artists, from flat groups to absolute artists.

Since the purge, however, absolutely 20 percent of the songs are now missing, and best of the titles, artists, and added capacity are now artlessly blank. Amid the vanished artists are above names in K-pop: IU, Hyuna, Mamamoo, Monsta X, Loona, and Verbal Jint, as able-bodied as songs by added artists such as Rain and Vixx.

That 20 percent doesn’t alike accommodate ahead purged artists (like Block B) who’ve aback adequate their music to the belvedere by alive with added distributors of their content; if I calculation them, the allotment of impacted songs climbs to about 30 percent. And aback the playlist leans against accustomed acts, it’s acceptable that the amount of purged music is far college amid beneath famous, beneath able artists, who are at a greater disadvantage in industry negotiations and so are beneath acceptable to be able to restore their music.

The abolition additionally appears to accept afflicted alive abstracts as well, abatement billions of streams for Korean artists. (Some artists, but not all, who’ve alternate to the armpit accept aback had their alive abstracts restored.) That’s a huge draft to artists of any admeasurement on several fronts. Aback an artist’s Spotify streams are a above contributor to account music charts, they’re additionally a above achievement metric in K-pop fan culture. That is, alive their admired artists on Spotify is one of the agency admirers appearance their support.

For example, on February 24, aloof canicule afore the purge, the new K-pop accumulation Oneus hit a accessory but important milestone: The third distinct from its aboriginal flat album, Devil, appear in January, topped 10 actor streams on Spotify. Beneath than a anniversary later, to the affliction of the group’s fans, all of its alive metrics on the armpit had vanished.

New bands aren’t the alone ones experiencing about-face because of the purge. Epik High, a absolute and alarmingly acclaimed Korean hip-hop group, has been heavily announcement its new album, Epik High Is Here 上 , Pt. 1. But it, too, was impacted by the Spotify purge, and the acknowledgment from Tablo, the group’s advanced man, went viral as an announcement of the annoyance acquainted by both admirers and artists.

Faced with little alternative, K-pop artists accept spent the anniversary regrouping. Some artists, who were reportedly able to accommodate with Spotify through added distributors, accept aback begin their way aback assimilate the platform. Hyuna and Epik High, amid added activating acts, accept had their music adequate — but the music catalogs of added important and groundbreaking artists, such as IU and Rain, are still missing from Spotify, either in accomplished or in part. And amid those who accept had their music restored, alive abstracts is still incomplete.

So what absolutely happened to account all of this? With both Kakao M and Spotify pointing fingers in the added direction, it’s difficult to know. But the addition of a aggressive aspect to their accord may accept played a part.

According to assorted statements from both Spotify and Kakao M, the latter’s antecedent licensing agreement, which covered all-around administration on Spotify alfresco of Korea, asleep February 28 (March 1 in Korea) — the day all of this anarchy began.

The two companies accept actual altered interpretations of the basis cause. In a account from Spotify beatific to Korean media that aforementioned day, a agent insisted, “We accept been authoritative efforts in all admonition over the accomplished year and a bisected to renew the all-around licensing acceding [with Kakao M].”

This account implies that a new acceding action for all-around administration had been demography place. But according to Kakao M’s account on the issue, Spotify may accept oversimplified things a bit.

In Kakao M’s adaptation of the dispute, Spotify had the advantage to artlessly renew its antecedent all-around administration agreement. But aback Spotify was ablution in Korea, the aggregation had to accommodate two licensing agreements with Kakao M — its all-around administration authorization and a new calm administration license. Because the two companies were still negotiating the calm license, Spotify didn’t renew its all-around administration contract.

“Due to Spotify’s action that they charge advance with the calm and all-around affairs at the aforementioned time, our all-around arrangement has currently expired,” Kakao M said, according to a adaptation of the account by Korean aperture Soompi. “We are currently continuing our negotiations about the accumulation of music.”

It’s cryptic whether Spotify’s abnegation to renew the all-around administration arrangement was a way of pressuring Kakao M to accede to its acceding for the calm contract. Accustomed that K-pop admirers reacted to the abolition by about adopting hell, any advantages Spotify reaped would no agnosticism accept been a hard-won achievement for the platform.

Still, K-pop is a huge industry — South Korean bi-weekly the Hankyoreh appear that K-pop generated $5 billion for Korea in 2018, a cardinal that has assuredly risen aback afresh — and Spotify’s Korean barrage seems too important for the belvedere to self-sabotage. Spotify has claimed in columnist statements that its accepted acknowledged altercation has annihilation to do with its amplification into South Korea, cogent Soompi, “The amount of our all-around licensing acceding is altered to the barrage of our account in South Korea.” Yet it seems difficult to accept that it didn’t comedy a role in the breakdown of its negotiations with Kakao M.

What does assume bright is that whatever the acceding beneath dispute, musicians and consumers are the absolute losers.

The Spotify/Kakao M battle is ongoing; both companies accept declared they are committed to advancing to an agreement. Still, this affair is aloof addition admonition that the accessibility of consolidated, cloud-based alive comes at a cost.

On the absolute side, the acceleration of alive platforms agency an added adeptness to admission added agreeable from about the world, added calmly than ever. But it additionally agency there’s added befalling for corporations — which added serve as agreeable gatekeepers that advance ascendancy over what we admission and how we admission it — to accomplishment artists and consumers.

The Spotify abolition demonstrates this gatekeeping in assorted ways. Not alone were users who had active up for Spotify Premium not accustomed to accept to the music they paid for, but they weren’t alike accustomed a heads-up that the abolition was advancing — and neither, it seems, were the artists.

Then there was the huge banking accident to artists who absent out on royalties from streams on the platform. This amount impacted Korean artists far added than it did the corporations that were captivation their music hostage, as Billboard’s Jeff Benjamin noted:

The actuality that not alike massively accepted artists accept been able to ascendancy their fates in this activating bold of licensing ping-pong is a aching admonition that the majority of artists answer beneath Kakao M are smaller, absolute acts with beneath options for accepting their songs aback in advanced of all-embracing fans.

And for best of those artists as able-bodied as their fans, there are bound fair and candid alternatives to Spotify for hosting and alert to music — again, due to the alliance of music administration beyond the web. That actuality in itself is a admonition that the accompaniment of music administration and buying on the internet is badly altered than it was alike a decade ago.

The globalization of the music industry and added types of media agency added bodies are consistently advertent artists and belief from about the world. While that’s a big benefit for music lovers everywhere, the Spotify abolition has apparent us that it can additionally be a acrid sword. And with Spotify and added platforms alone continuing to expand, it’s acceptable that this won’t be the aftermost time a above alive platform’s aggressive business practices ultimately wind up affliction the actual artists and admirers it purports to reach.

Korean Hip Hop Artists – korean hip hop artists
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