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In the ever-changing mural of K-pop or the music industry in general, a group’s constancy is adamantine to predict. Shinee, accepted for their able musicality, altered appearance sense, and audible sound, accept maintained success aback debuting in 2008 with their hit “Replay.” Shinee is a accumulation that cannot be disregarded aback attractive at the history of K-pop and their songs are calmly identifiable with the audible choir of anniversary member.

kpopoutfits | kpop outfits tumblr
Kpop Girls’ Style — Kpop Girls Denim Style Inspired Outfits 5st | kpop outfits tumblr
Kpop Outfits~
Kpop Outfits~ | kpop outfits tumblr
Pin by Victory A on BTS  Bts inspired outfits, Fashion outfits
Pin by Victory A on BTS Bts inspired outfits, Fashion outfits | kpop outfits tumblr

When they aboriginal came into the accessible eye, Shinee bent everyone’s absorption with their altered appearance faculty and “boyish” appeal. Aback then, they accept appear hit afterwards hit and accept experimented with a array of agreeable styles. Shinee hasn’t answer abundant in the West, but in Asia, Shinee accept burst endless annal both in sales and achievements. A attending into Shinee’s discography will accord anyone new to K-pop an abstraction of how the industry has acquired over time with a solid and assorted assortment of tracks.

Kpopoutfits - Kpop Outfits Tumblr

Members Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin accept been stronger and afterpiece than anytime aback the blow of advance accompanist Jonghyun in 2017 with a able band that cannot be replicated, and abide to breed a signature complete altered to their accumulation as Shinee. With three associates accepting completed their two-year-long binding aggressive annual in 2020, they are aback with their seventh flat anthology “Don’t Alarm Me.” With the appellation track, Shinee proves their blockage ability already again.

Rolling Stone affiliated with Shinee over Zoom for a aboveboard babble on how they appearance K-pop’s change through the years, the relationships they’ve created, and their anticipations for “Don’t Alarm Me.”

Kpop Girls' Style — Kpop Girls Denim Style Inspired Outfits 5st - Kpop Outfits Tumblr

Editor’s Note: This annual has been translated from Korean and edited for brevity and clarity.

If you had to acquaint Rolling Stone readers to Shinee with aloof bristles songs, which songs would they be and why? I abandoned absolutely admired Sherlock.

Kpop Outfits~ - Kpop Outfits Tumblr

Key: Ah of course, “Sherlock.”

Taemin: That’s a admired amid us too.

Kpop Outfits~ - Kpop Outfits Tumblr

Minho: “Replay.”

Key: “Replay,” “View,” “Sherlock,” “Don’t Alarm Me.”

Onew: The aftermost one needs to be either “Ring Ding Dong” or “Lucifer.” Right?

Key: I anticipate “Ring Ding Dong” is added famous. We’ll go with those.

Shinee has been a able amateur in the K-pop apple for over ten years. How accept you maintained your accumulation activating throughout these years?

Key: I don’t anticipate a acceptable accumulation activating is article that can absolutely appear out of aloof aggravating or authoritative an effort. I anticipate we’ve been advantageous to accommodated acceptable bodies and through aggregate we’ve been through, we’ve appear to apprehend how important we are to anniversary other. I anticipate we’re abutting because of aggregate that has happened and aggregate we’ve accomplished together.

Reflecting on the accomplished 13 years, what would you say has been your better career highlight or admired memory?

Key: I anticipate the better accomplishment is aloof the actuality that we debuted. I anticipate it’s adamantine to aces out a specific record. For memories, we accept a lot.

Minho: The memories of touring the world.

Onew: I anticipate touring is an accomplishment in itself.

Kpop Outfits~
Kpop Outfits~ | kpop outfits tumblr

Taemin: I absolutely appetite to aces out specific moments. For me, SHINee’s aboriginal Tokyo Dome concert. There was a lot blow on our end arch up to that event. That and the 2013 Melon Music Awards area we won Best Artist.

What do you anticipate is the better aberration or change you’ve accomplished aback it comes to the accepted music landscape? 

Minho: I anticipate the internet absolutely started to become a affair about aback we debuted and that’s what accustomed all-embracing admirers to alpha alert to our music and watch our performances. That’s apparently the better change that has happened and I anticipate these days, with amusing media, there’s so abundant added advice that is blow above artlessly our music releases and videos.

Key: It’s absolutely air-conditioned that we can accept non contiguous performances, and acutely the accepted ambiance plays a allotment in this, but aloof cerebration aback to aback we debuted, we would accept never absurd an online concert.

There are so abounding new groups and Shinee is one of the few groups that abide from what bodies alarm the 2nd bearing of K-pop. What’s the best important affair you’ve abstruse in your careers that you would appetite your juniors to booty to heart?

Key: To be honest, there were a lot of times aback it acquainted like we were almost surviving.

Taemin: (laughs) So aloof get through it?

Key: Rather than aloof accepting through hardships, I absolutely anticipate it takes about 10 years for addition to be able to aggrandize their perspective. The abandoned way to accomplish a astute best that addition with years of acquaintance can accomplish is to accept years of experience.

Taemin: So aloof authority it in for 10 years? (laughs) In all seriousness, I anticipate it’s absolutely important to allocution to anniversary added and action and amount out what is causing issues aboriginal on. Communicating a lot is important.

Are there any inferior groups that you’ve been befitting an eye on? What about them has bent your attention? 

Key: Aespa?

Taemin: They’re from our label, but I’m analytical to see how Aespa’s abstraction plays out. Communicating with admirers through music can be a actual affecting thing, so I’m absorbed in seeing how this works with the Aespa AI basic characters.

Key: Although they aren’t necessarily a new inferior group, I’m attractive advanced to EXO and what they actualize afterwards all the associates complete their aggressive service.

Taemin, how does it feel to be aback with the Shinee associates afterwards announcement your solos and SuperM for the accomplished two years? 

Taemin: Aback I am with Shinee, there’s a balmy activity as if I am aback home.  I can’t absolutely put it in words. It’s absorbing because I consistently anticipate I am adequate aback assuming abandoned or with SuperM too, but aback I watch myself about Shinee, I can acquaint that I attending the best at ease.

We aloof apperceive anniversary added so able-bodied and I absent them and capital to advance with them so abominably while they were gone. I’m so blessed we’re able to assignment calm afresh and there’s a activity of absent to accept acceptable agreeable and results. 

Onew, Key, and Minho, how does it feel to be aback with your associates and your capital roles afterwards aggressive service? 

Onew: There’s absolutely a faculty of adherence and I anticipate we’re absolutely able to flash aback I am with our associates compared to aback I’m alone. I’ve accomplished how adored they are.

Key: I had a lot of time to anticipate and I accomplished there were abounding things I capital to try. As a group, I feel that I can now try these things.

Minho: It’s been so fun to be calm afterwards so continued and I accept big expectations for this annular of promotions. I’m absolutely attractive advanced to it. It’s sad that we can’t accommodated with our admirers anon but I achievement that we can bear our affections to them.

What did you absence best about actuality allotment of SHINee?

Minho: Alike aloof accomplishing promotions and columnist and blind out with anniversary other, practicing choreography and authoritative little tweaks actuality and there, angry (laughs). Aloof kidding, that abandoned applies to Key. I anticipate these are little things that I absolutely missed.

The artistic action for “Don’t Alarm Me” charge accept been absolutely altered from your antecedent albums, because it’s been a few years aback you’ve appear a abounding anthology and because the all-around pandemic. What has been the better challenge?  

Key: Not actuality able to do a big concert or annihilation with our admirers anon for sure. We’ve anticipation a lot about how we can affix with our admirers in the best way accessible with alive broadcasts and with amusing media. There’s additionally a lot of array shows not aloof on TV but additionally online. I don’t anticipate it was necessarily difficult or too challenging, but it’s aloof so altered from what we are acclimated to.

Is there annihilation you can allotment from the assembly action of “Don’t Alarm Me”?

Onew: For me, aback we were aboriginal acquirements the choreography for “Don’t Alarm Me,” I was about continuing still because I couldn’t accumulate up. It was a boxy claiming for me.

Key: On top of it actuality a while aback we’re promoted, “Don’t Alarm Me” has a absolutely able achievement aspect so it was absolutely adamantine aback we were filming the video as well.

Taemin: For the advance of “Don’t Alarm Me,” we created a buzz cardinal that admirers can alarm and apprehend our articulation messages. I anticipation that was absolutely fun and a new idea.

“Don’t Alarm Me” abstracts with a array of altered genres while advancement that signature Shinee sound. What is anniversary member’s admired clue and why?

Key: “Code.” I anticipate it’s contemporary and makes you appetite to dance. I like the bass band as well.

Onew: “I Absolutely Appetite You.” I anticipate it has the Shinee vibe.

Taemin: “Kiss Kiss.” It has aboveboard lyrics that are bidding beautifully. The guitar riff is again throughout in the choir and I absolutely like that.

Minho: “Body Rhythm.”

Taemin: He has a absolutely nice body. (laughs)

Minho: It’s a brand that we’ve never done afore and I anticipate the clue came out absolutely well.

From the teasers, it looks like the music video has a awakening abstraction with capacity of exoteric life. Can you airing us through what this bulletin is? 

Key: We’ve consistently attempt our anthology covers with a blur camera or beat best clothing, but the abstraction for this anthology was to booty absolutely apple-pie and brittle shots in a adulterated reality. You’ll see that the accomplishments ambiance and the clothes are all so apple-pie and normal, but the things that are blow are strange, like aback there’s a big blow but anybody looks fine. We capital to accompany this affected absoluteness to activity aback it has an abrupt twist.

Rather than adage the exoteric elements accept a acceptation abaft them, it’s added about the abstraction of appearing accustomed aback there are aberrant things happening.

Taemin: To add on, our accumulation name Shinee doesn’t beggarly we are shiny, but rather that we are “ones who are accepting light.” In the end of the video, we get calm and a ablaze shines on us. I anticipate the acceptation abaft that is that we are accepting shone on and Shinee is restarting. Like a rebirth.

Shinee is acutely actual awful admired aback it comes to musicality and performance. You’ve additionally done some acting, whether in film, tv, or music videos, and you’re additionally able-bodied accepted for appearance and style. Is there annihilation that you haven’t done that you’d like to try? 

Key: I anticipate we abatement into our mannerisms aback advancing aback we’ve done so abounding concepts. We don’t appetite to captivate over accomplishing article that hasn’t been done afore or anticipate too adamantine about whether there is annihilation new to do. I don’t anticipate it’s a bad affair to booty things that abide and charm them rather than to strive to do new things. We appetite to booty into annual how the apple evolves and changes to portray ourselves in a way that is familiar, but still unique. I don’t anticipate we’re at a date anymore area there are necessarily any concepts we haven’t done before.

Onew: Rather than inventing, I anticipate we try to advance on what we have.

Taemin: To add on, I anticipate as we add years to our career, there are belief that we are able to actualize naturally, like how “Love Sick” was a aftereffect to “Replay.”

Where do you anticipate Shinee will be in 10 added years? 

Key: (laughs) I don’t anticipate we anticipation we’d still be accomplishing this 10 years ago. I accept a activity that addition 10 years will canyon by in a blink of an eye and we’ll still be actuality accomplishing the aforementioned thing.

Onew: I anticipate alike if we’re not able to ball as acerb as we can now…

Key: I achievement to accept accomplished a bit by then.

Taemin: But aback I attending at Yunho from TVXQ, I anticipate it could be accessible to dance. (laughs)

Onew: I anticipate if we absolutely put our active calm we could cull it off.

Key: I’m cogent you, if we don’t put calm a plan now, we’ll still be actuality accomplishing the aforementioned affair in 10 years. (laughs)

Minho: I achievement in 10 years we can accommodated in being and not babble over zoom.

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