Lavish Contemporary House Design: Uniting Three Separated Units

Located in Israel, this fabulous contemporary house design tries to give you another idea of family house. This house has been made over as the kids grow up. The house owners wanted the house to be able to accommodate the needs of three children which has been old enough to live by themselves, but immature to be separated from their parents. Therefore, Nestor Sandbank was hired to complete the challenge. It results in a separated cube house which are interconnected with the main building.

The parents’ building is located in the front part of the house. Meanwhile, the kids’ lodge is in the house’s backyard. It has similar design to one another. Those building creates an L-shaped building with a large swimming pool in the middle. The materials utilized in such building is the combination between concrete wall and glass wall. The contemporary house design ideas also present the households with spacious garden and outdoor living space.

In the pool side, the floor is covered by marble tile. The residents can lay their back on the lounge chairs while overlooking the beautiful decorative plants. In other part of it, you can enjoy your meal in the outdoor dining. It is also complemented with outdoor living which utilizes three couches and two coffee table. Since the house is built to support parties, you can also enjoy the provided beverages on the poolside bar.

Each cube interior is quite small. It manages to have a living room in the first floor, while bedroom and bathroom are located in the second floor. Its surface is covered by wooden materials. The twisted stairs are utilized to transport you from the ground floor to the upper one. It purports to save space inside the limited lots. Each living room is equipped with huge wall mounted cabinets. Such contemporary house interior design ideas also have double height ceiling for the living.

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