Lavish Elegant Interior in Spectacular Home of Microsoft Billionaire

A big or spacious home is identical with the concept of elegant interior. In a big house lives a wealth family who wants a superb living space. Now, we will talk about superb billionaire of Microsoft co-founder, which is Paul Allen. He has an awesome home in wide space of living. Every house section is decorated in special interior design. This house will amaze everybody who stare at this mansion. Therefore, let’s have a walk around! Here we go.

Outdoor swimming pool becomes our starting point. This pool has rectangular shape among the grey tiles flooring. Some lounge chairs are also placed there to complete the coziness of the residents. They can enjoy the weather after exercising in the pool. This is also really brilliant idea to relax in a good weather. If you want to get tanned, it can also be done here! Surrounded by the green courtyard, this house looks so refreshing. To see its elegant interior design, we have to move inside!

Home office is one section created in this mansion. Modern fireplace is located at the side of the room. Decorations are kept to be simple so that it doesn’t distract the concentration in working. Wooden cabinet with similar ceramic is chosen to be in this working area. Get into the dining area, this room can be used whether for dining or meeting. Long table lies there completed with ten chairs. Hanging lamps are decorated above this wooden table.

As we reach the bedroom, we can see that the resting room is decorated in bright interior concept. Floor to ceiling glass wall is located at the room side providing the obvious view towards the green courtyard. What an amazing concept! A jacuzzi at the house bathroom will also accompany you in taking a relaxation after activities. These are just some of elegant interior design ideas in this wide $27M mansion.

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