Magnificent Bright Room Design with Vibrant Color Decoration

A house which represents a bright room design is presented by this contemporary house. This house is a beautiful outcome of a home development project of Z-Axis Design. Completed in 2013, this house sets its bright color by the use of big windows that give sufficient illumination inside the house. Big curtains adorn the house with its bright white and also purple pastel color.

The sun light is transmitted through those curtains to light up the room that mostly utilizes white spectrum as what we can see on its living room. This room contains a big sofa whit a bright lavender color. There are some throwing pillows with different color and patterns decorate it. In front it, there is a wooden table with its shining wooden texture that strikingly give a tone inside the room along with an extended black coffee table attached on it. To complete its bright room design ideas, this room employs a full blue backdrop in the wall in front of the sofa. It also has a flat TV mounted on it.

Besides that blue color, this airy room also incorporated yellow lines as its home decor. The yellow line can be seen behind the sofa. This line goes along the wall of the room near its white ceiling and then makes a turn to create a rectangular shape. This yellow stripe creates an accent in this room with shining granite flooring.

Bright characteristic of the room is also shown in the bedroom but with a little more subtle presence. There is a king size bed in it with a purple pastel bed cover. To make it more romantic, the room has a taupe color that is painted in some part of the walls, and it also has two decorative lamps besides of the bed. Those bright bedroom design ideas also come with the presence of bright white desk incorporated in it.

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