Magnificent Micro Apartment Applying Cozy Contemporary Design

Living in a micro apartment can be a difficult thing to do especially when the apartment doesn’t have a good interior design to cope with its size. A great example of a good interior design in a small apartment can be seen on this 312 feet square apartment that is designed by a brilliant team of 3XA studio. Located in Wroclaw, Poland, this contemporary apartment has magnificently exploits its every corner to give a total comfort for its occupant.

Stylish look can be seen on the living room of this micro apartment design that has highly functioned furniture in a sleek and simple furniture design. There are grey sofa and square shaped white coffee table that give a neutral color along with a floor to ceiling white curtains in this area. A yellow chair and a black throwing pillow give a tone in this living area. Light wooden floor and white walls are combined to create a bright room that will make the apartment has a more spacious effect.

Infar front of the living are, there are dining and kitchen areas that are joined together in a small corner space of the house. The use of wooden dining table formed by two perpendicular wooden plates and two bar stools really save the space. The kitchen set also comes in a white color that perfectly mingles with the white walls to create a neat look and spacious perspective.

This apartment also has a second d level that is supported by the bathroom and also cantilevered wooden floor. A wooden staircase that also functioned as a bookcase is ready to be used to access the second level. A bedroom is what the second level provided. The designers have implemented a quite big bedroom on its micro apartment design ideas that give us a magnificent small apartment.

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