Marvelous Hill House Designs with Beautiful Rooftop Arrangement

Located on the famous Beverly Hills, this hill house designs present and endless luxurious life for anyone who resides in it. The design is especially addressed for those who are longing for a jet set living area. The house design itself was presented by the collaboration of renowned architects and interior designer. The architecture was made by Marc Whipple. He collaborated with Michael Palumbo who provided the interior design. Meanwhile, the client trusts his residential to be developed by Richard Papalian.

The major point in the house is located on the rooftop. It is decorated with a modern infinity pool and outdoor space. The floor is covered by ceramic tile having cream color. On top of it, we can find an outdoor living and outdoor dining. Additionally, you can also find a barbeque grill to support the easy lifestyle. Surrounding this space, there is an infinity pond. A traditional fireplace is there to keep the residents warm during the cold winter night. You will also be spoiled with the hot tub presented on the modern hill house designs.

In order to support the households interests, this house also has a mini theater. It covers the floor and wall with carpet to keep it sound proof. Lights are attached on the wall, giving dramatic effects complementing the cinema. There is no telly inside this room. Instead, we have a large screen to catch the projected picture. There are two rows in the seating area; the first row comprises of two armchairs. Meanwhile, the back part has long couch.

Additional room inside the house comprises of a garage which is located in the ground floor. The lighting employed is in the form of ceiling integrated lamps placed along the line. It has a transparent glass wall which makes the cars visible from the outdoors. The house is also equipped with home office which is dominated by wooden accent. Such modern hill country house plans also has large paintings as its decoration.

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