Minimalist Simple Kitchen Designs in Contemporary Home Interior

If you looking for some simple kitchen designs with its practical function to save spaces in your home, these illustrations bellow may give inspiration in finding the best one for you. All of the kitchen designs are created by Comprex studio, an Italian design studio. Simple shape is used to exploit the space in providing storage. It can be seen on the illustration that gives us a combination of light blonde wooden and dazzling red color.

That combination comes from the use of wooden kitchen set that employs one of simple kitchen island designs. Attached on a kitchen cabinet, the kitchen island is placed in a perpendicular position toward it. The kitchen cabinet contains a sink, built in stove, and also some cutlery. Cantilevered countertop is the concept that underlies the kitchen island. There are two red dining stools that accompany the kitchen island.

This area has wooden flooring that fits with the wooden kitchen set. However there is also a vanity desk that comes in a bright red color placed near the kitchen set. That red color is also shown in the mounted storage on top of the cutlery. This storage contains some plates and the other kinds of cutlery.

The other kitchen area designs provide us with a monochromatic kitchen design. White still become its main color scheme that is combined with black color on one of the kitchen set, while the other one uses shiny purple color as its accent. That kind of color scheme is combined with the existence of some wooden materials on the kitchen set. Hidden storage fully contained in these kitchen designs and drawer on its big kitchen cabinet. However, they all have similar characteristics of a kitchen island which is cantilevered feature. This feature is one of the great simple kitchen island plans that may inspire you.

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