Modern Apartment Interior Design Combining Bright and Dark Interior

You can find an apartment interior design which incorporates a bright room with its abundant windows. You may also find an apartment with a shady and dark interior design with its black furniture design. However these urban apartments employ a different perspective of interior design by engaging those two characteristic into one subtle monochromatic interior design. There are two apartments that will be shown in the illustrations. Both of them give their best sophisticated look of modern apartment.

The first apartment basically has a bright characteristic of apartment interior design which is possible due to the ample windows that it has. But the designer brings a lot dark accents to give a bold tone into its interior design. Some of those dark accents can be seen on its living room in which there is a dark colored throwing pillow among the white color scheme of living room furniture. There is also a set of black colored home entertainment as the main feature of this living room.

This apartment has a sense of elegance in its bright color scheme and the presence of dark accent makes it become a uniquely elegance apartment. There is a black framed aquarium in the middle of the house and also a set of black kitchen appliances among the bright interior design of the kitchen room. The use of black frame on its doors and windows also bring a more daring nuance in the soft atmosphere of this apartment with bright room.

The other apartment gives a reversed appearance from the first one. This apartment has a dark backdrop color on its interior design that is adorned with some presences of light colored elements. We can gather our attention on its living room in which some dark furniture design furnished the room. A black sofa, a big wall unit which contains a TV cabinet, bookcase, and a lot of storage cover its white walls. Although it has white floor, white walls, and also white ceiling, the presence of so many dark elements absorb abundant amount of light and thus the apartment become a more shady. Those are apartment interior design pictures which show you more sophisticated monochromatic apartment that have been captured by Hey! Cheese studio.

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